How To Glue Eyelashes In Bunches

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How To Glue Eyelashes In Bunches
How To Glue Eyelashes In Bunches

Video: How To Glue Eyelashes In Bunches

Video: How To Glue Eyelashes In Bunches
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How to glue eyelashes in bunches
How to glue eyelashes in bunches

Every girl wants to be beautiful. An expressive look is one of the canons of female beauty. Therefore, thick eyelashes are the dream of many. It's good that with the development of the beauty industry, it has become so easy to become the owner of lush eyelashes. Just stick your eyelashes in bunches and you can go in search of a dream man. It is easy and simple to make beam extensions even at home. Location: Location:

You will need


Waterproof False

Eyelash Glue Bundle Eyelashes




The first step to gaining a mysterious look is buying curled eyelashes. They must be trimmed so that they are no longer than your own, otherwise the build-up will look unnatural.

Outline the lash line with thin eyeliner - this will help you align the tufts of eyelashes and mask the areas where you will not stick the eyelashes with color.

Place a small amount of eyelash glue on the back of your hand. Use a pair of tweezers to grab the tuft of lashes and gently dip the base into the glue. After that, always wait 15-30 seconds before sticking the eyelashes there. This will help the glue to set better.

Start glueing the tufts of eyelashes from the outer corner of the eye. Place the lashes as close to your own lash line as possible. Continue building up until you reach the desired thickness.


Close your eyes for a couple of minutes and don't blink for a couple of minutes. Wait for the glue to dry completely.

Apply a layer of mascara. This will help you comb your false eyelashes and your own eyelashes for a more natural look.