❶ How The Female Ideal Of Beauty Has Changed

❶ How The Female Ideal Of Beauty Has Changed
❶ How The Female Ideal Of Beauty Has Changed

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How the female ideal of beauty changed
How the female ideal of beauty changed

How often women are accused of frivolity and fickleness. But, you must admit, it is difficult to remain constant when the fashion for the female ideal changes with each era. From time immemorial, women had to adapt to the tastes of society and change their appearance to please fashion trends. Location: Location: Although the ancient Greeks and Romans lived long before Chekhov, their opinion that everything in a person should be fine coincided with the statement of the great classic. A beautiful woman did not torment herself with diets, did not tighten her body in corsets and did not build huge hairstyles. Natural beauty was in vogue. See antique sculptures Smooth body lines, ideal proportions and regular facial features will delight and bewitch.

But the triumph of a healthy spirit in a healthy body did not last forever. Christianity came to Europe, and the church began to dictate the standards of beauty. The ideal woman was a thin and pale creature wrapped in shapeless clothes. Bright, spectacular appearance was condemned and was considered the lot of sinners.

In the 13th century, the situation began to change gradually. Luxury and a carefree life came into fashion. The knights are tired of the crusades. They wanted to see not an ephemeral creature nearby, but a charming woman who knows how to love and have fun. A lady with thick, long hair, sensual facial features and curvaceous forms becomes the ideal of female beauty. Take a look at the canvases of Titian, Rubens and Rembrandt: how beautiful the beauties in the paintings are, with their delicate skin, languid eyes and alluring smile.

In the era of bourgeois revolutions, the ideal of female beauty changes again. Idleness and careless fun is condemned. An educated and practical woman comes to the fore. Harmony and tenderness come into fashion. The owners of not the worst forms come to the aid of corsets. A thin waist, snow-white skin, a nervously heaving chest and a small leg drive the gentlemen crazy and inspire poets to create immortal works.

In the 20th century, the pace of life is becoming faster and faster. Some political systems collapse and others are created. Old ideals are being replaced by fresh ideas and new social trends. The place of women in the family and society is also changing. The era of elegance and sexuality is coming. Women with long legs, scarlet lips and cocky manners are in fashion. Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot imitate women, men dream of them, they are loved by the blue screen.

By the end of the 20th century, a young, thin and tall girl with a teenage figure became the ideal of beauty. Ladies with the shape of Marilyn Monroe are considered fatties, and the whole world is firmly on a diet. Women who would have delighted Rubens are strongly advised to seek treatment for obesity. And the ladies who have come out of student age are offered to do plastic surgery.

The ideal woman should be forever young and slender, but is it necessary to meet standards and ideals? After all, happiness and beauty do not always go hand in hand. Fashion is changeable, and the state of peace in the soul cannot be achieved by any diets.

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