❶ How To Choose A Cream For Sensitive Skin

❶ How To Choose A Cream For Sensitive Skin
❶ How To Choose A Cream For Sensitive Skin

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How to choose a cream for sensitive skin
How to choose a cream for sensitive skin

Problematic skin happens not only in adolescence, when girls are tormented by out-of-place acne. Adult women also often have sensitive skin, which is not suitable for ordinary decorative cosmetics. She needs special products that tone and protect the skin. Location: Location:

Skin is not only the protective layer of the body, it is also a very sensitive indicator of human health. Acne, skin rashes, pallor or, on the contrary, excessive redness, increased oiliness or dryness of the skin - all these are nothing more than indicators of malfunctioning of the endocrine glands and internal organs.

Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, then you need to treat not only it, because the result of impaired functions is already reflected on it. It is important to identify these disorders so that the doctor can prescribe a comprehensive treatment, which will include medical cosmetics for the skin of the face.

Medicinal cosmetics for sensitive skin contain medicinal substances that help restore damaged areas, microcracks, relieve puffiness and tension, tone and nourish with useful microelements and vitamins.

You can buy medicinal cosmetics for sensitive skin only in pharmacies and it is advisable to do this after consulting a dermatologist who will help you choose the optimal complex for your case.

Like any decorative cosmetics, medicinal cosmetics are available in the form of creams, tonics, lotions, milk and masks.

The principle of action consists mainly in the fact that cosmetic products, after moisturizing the skin, cover it with a protective film that protects the outer layer of the dermis. The healing effect reaches the deepest layers.

Cucumber extract is used in many medical complexes. Therefore, perhaps, grandmothers often advise their young granddaughters suffering from teenage acne to anoint their face with a piece of fresh cucumber.

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