What Hairstyle To Choose For The Evening

What Hairstyle To Choose For The Evening
What Hairstyle To Choose For The Evening

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What hairstyle to choose for the evening
What hairstyle to choose for the evening

Making a fashionable hairstyle in our time is not at all difficult. It is enough to come to any beauty salon and they will make everything you want out of your hair. Not free, of course. So do your own prom hairstyle yourself - save money and time. Location: Location:

Modern stylists reject correct forms and harmonious combinations. If there is no time for styling, just gather your hair in a regular ponytail, pin a beautiful hairpin from the back of the head, then free a few strands.

For a sensual lady look, simply slick your hair smoothly, add rich shine and heavy, Spanish knots. Just keep in mind - such a smooth hairstyle involves the use of bright eye makeup. And if you have a round face, sleek and slicked-back hair will not work for you.

And now a few specific options for evening hairstyles that you can implement without the help of professional hairdressers.

Comb your hair back into a high ponytail, form the strands in the ponytail with curls. Leave a few strands of bangs in front and comb these strands a little to the side. This hairstyle is suitable for owners of all hair types.

If you have a bob cut, the following hairstyle is perfect for you: gently form a few front strands taken from the bangs. Comb the strands to the side and comb the rest of the hair back up. Secure the hairstyle with hairspray and secure at the sides with bobby pins.

Owners of long hair will appreciate the simplicity and presentability of this hairstyle: twist straight hair into small curlers from about the middle. Pull the curled hair back, place a soft, round base under the back of your head and secure it. Style your hair over the base and in the center, run it through the hole so that at least a few curls come down, forming a frivolous ponytail.

Another hairstyle for long hair. Roll your hair with large curlers or tongs and shape into curls. Comb a couple of curls from the bangs area back and pin them to each other. The next and last step is to fix the rest of the curls in the area of ​​the bangs and temples.

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