❶ Rules For Nail Care

❶ Rules For Nail Care
❶ Rules For Nail Care

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Nail care rules
Nail care rules

The great classic also remarked: "You can be an efficient person and think about the beauty of your nails." In fact, you need to not only think, but also act, because hands are the calling card of any woman. Beautiful, well-groomed and healthy nails will always be appreciated, and kissing such a pen for a man will be the greatest gift! Location: Location:

It is necessary to take care of your nails not only from the outside, but also from the inside. 80% of the beauty, length and strength of the nail plate depends on what our body feeds on. The vitamin complex will be the best helper in nail care and health. Vitamins of group A are considered especially useful, so you can safely add fish dishes, milk, nuts, seaweed, steamed meat and legumes to your diet. Add more bell pepper to vegetable salads, seasoning with olive or sunflower oil. In addition to healthy foods, make it a rule to take calcium gluconate all the time, as mineral support is an important part of nail care.

Do not hope that after the first day your nails will shine with health, this will take several weeks, because vitamins, in particular calcium, accumulate in the body, and over time they show their beneficial properties. By the way, taking vitamins and a balanced diet will not only affect the strength, smoothness and length of nails, but also improve the condition of the skin and hair.

The appearance of the nail plate also largely depends on its moisture. Various hand baths will help to achieve the best effect in this matter. A sea salt bath will help strengthen brittle nails. In a glass of warm water, dissolve a tablespoon of unflavored sea salt and dip your nails into the composition for 15-20 minutes. Then gently pat your hands dry with a towel and brush with nourishing cream. You can add extra smoothness and shine to your nails by stimulating their growth by using oil baths. In a water bath, heat a small amount of vegetable or olive oil and immerse your fingertips there for 5-10 minutes, at the end of the procedure, lubricate with cream. A well-known nail whitening agent is lemon juice. Cut the lemon in half and dip your fingers into each of the halves for 10 minutes.

If your nails are dry and exfoliate strongly, then apply a rich layer of nourishing cream on your palms overnight, put on cotton gloves and go to bed. In the morning, the hands will be tender, like a baby's, and the marigolds will receive the necessary nutrition and stop drying and breaking.

Perhaps the final phase in nail care is manicure. It is not at all necessary to go to the salon for this procedure, because the basic rules of manicure are very simple:

- Cut your nails at least and not more often than once every 2 weeks, while using special curved manicure scissors, they do not injure the nail plate so much.

- File your nails in one direction only, such as left to right or right to left.

- Metal files severely injure the structure of the nail, so give preference to tools with spraying.

- Only clip and file dry nails.

- Always apply a base base under the nail polish, this will save the nail from yellowing.

And finally, do not forget that no means in the fight for beautiful nails will help if you wash or wash dishes without rubber gloves.

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