❶ New Year's Makeup: From Snow Fairy To Disco Girl

❶ New Year's Makeup: From Snow Fairy To Disco Girl
❶ New Year's Makeup: From Snow Fairy To Disco Girl

Video: ❶ New Year's Makeup: From Snow Fairy To Disco Girl

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New Year's makeup: from a snow fairy to a disco girl
New Year's makeup: from a snow fairy to a disco girl

When choosing makeup for celebrating the New Year, you should first decide on your image in which you will appear on New Year's Eve - from a snow fairy to a disco girl. The choice is huge and depends only on your imagination and preferences. Location: Location: Having decided on the image in which the meeting of the new year will take place, you need to choose a makeup that is in harmony with it. Otherwise, the most carefully chosen suit will look ridiculous.

For New Year's Eve at the club, for example, disco-style makeup is perfect. It is characterized by bright colors, rhinestones, false eyelashes, and even fancy designs. Shadows for such a make-up can be chosen in any color: turquoise, blue, green and even yellow. There is no bad shade for a disco girl. For lips, bright pink-caramel lipstick is suitable. But do not overload your face with blush. They will be superfluous in this riot of colors. For disco manicure, false nails of bright colors will be good.

Another image suitable for celebrating the New Year is a snow fairy or queen. This makeup is done with white, silver, light blue, light purple eyeshadow and lipstick in nude matte or pearlescent shades. The face skin can be covered with sparkling powder. French manicure or sparkling lacquers of light shades will look good on your nails.

A New Year's celebration alone with a loved one can be carried out in the image of a vamp woman. Thick black eyelashes, pale skin, blood-red lipstick on the lips - all this is inherent in the fatal beauty. Nails should be of medium length and varnished to match the lipstick. Hair needs to be laid in a lock to a lock so that not a single hair would spoil the appearance.

Do not forget about the quality of the cosmetics chosen for the New Year's Eve. First of all, the make-up with this cosmetics must be persistent and withstand all the stress of the celebration. Spreading of makeup after a couple of hours after the start of the celebration is completely unacceptable. Therefore, it is better to use proven cosmetics, which have already proven their reliability more than once.

Another important factor is ease of application. During the celebration, you may need to fix your makeup. All items should be compact and lightweight and fit freely into your purse. And correcting the make-up should not create problems.

A festive hairstyle should also be suitable for the overall look. Any hair can be styled to match suit and makeup, even short or very curly. If there is no experience in creating styling or there are doubts about the final result, it is better to contact a professional hairdresser. But, again, all hair products should be strong fixation, but at the same time not weighing them down and not giving them a dirty, sloppy look.

On New Year's Eve, you can afford to use those colors, patterns and textures that are completely inappropriate in everyday life. A memorable sparkling makeup will help you be in the spotlight and make New Year's Eve a real bright celebration.

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