❶ Eye Shadow Color For Violet Eyes

❶ Eye Shadow Color For Violet Eyes
❶ Eye Shadow Color For Violet Eyes

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Eyeshadow color for violet eyes
Eyeshadow color for violet eyes

Owners of a rare eye color will have a difficult choice of decorative cosmetics. Girls with a violet tint of the iris are among them. There are many combinations that can highlight this mysterious color. But even before applying the shadows for the light, it is better to try whether such a combination will really be successful. Location: Location: The eyeshadow is designed to emphasize the line of the eyes, shade them and attract attention. Guided by these rules, you should choose eye cosmetics. When buying eye shadow, you should consider not only the color of the iris, but also the skin tone. Girls with violet irises are rare birds. They need to choose shadows to match the iris or choose contrasting ones.

For violet eyes, violet, lilac and violet shades are suitable. They should be applied to the inside of the eyelid, and white silvery should be applied under the eyebrow.

The gray-silver scale is also suitable for this eye color. You can use gray eyeshadow with a silvery sheen. There is an option - to apply the color of sea pebbles to the inner eyelid, and silver under the eyebrow.

The combination of gold and lilac will look very original. The corner of the eye and the surface of the upper eyelid should be shaded with dark purple. Apply a thin layer of light purple on the lower eyelid, and powder on top with golden powder or shadows. This combination will create a sophisticated look.

Violet eyes will perfectly set off the combination of the color of chocolate and gold. The chocolate shade is best applied in the crease or over the lashes. Golden shadows must be applied under the eyebrow and brought out slightly beyond the end of the line, to the temple.

You can try mixing several shades of eyeshadow right on the eyelid. Violet-colored eyes will be irresistible when combined with shades of gray and lilac. You can apply several strokes of gray eyeshadow, lilac on top and blend on the skin of the eyelids. For an evening out on top, everything should be powdered with silver powder.

You can draw attention to violet eyes by creating a halo of smoky eyes around them. For such makeup, you can use a special application technique or use ready-made cosmetic products. On sale there are shadows from the smoky eyes and smoky eyes metallic series. Having picked up gray or lilac shades of this type of eyeshadow, you should apply them to the lower and upper eyelids and blend thoroughly.

The smoky eyes technique is more complicated. For violet eyes, the following sequence is suitable. It is necessary to apply shadows of a gray or lilac shade to the upper eyelid, slightly going into its fold. When both shades of eyeshadow are applied, they should be mixed. It is best to do this with a professional smoky eyes brush. Then you need to draw the upper eyelid, starting from the middle, with a dark purple or purple pencil. After that, taking the darkest shade of the shadows, it is necessary to select the outer corner of the eye, going a little into the fold of the upper eyelid. Now you should blend everything with the shadows applied earlier. Following this, it is necessary to clarify the eyeliner, make it brighter. When everything is ready, it's the turn of the highlights. They are applied with silvery, light gray or shimmery ivory shades on the inner corner of the eye and under the brow.

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