❶ Hairstyles With Veil

❶ Hairstyles With Veil
❶ Hairstyles With Veil

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Hairstyles with a veil
Hairstyles with a veil

Veil has long been considered in Russia as a symbol of the purity of the bride. In addition, she was credited with magical powers, such as protection from the evil eye and evil spirits. Today, the veil serves more as an additional decoration in the image of the bride than a talisman. But they pay no less attention to her. Location: Location:

Today the veil is the final touch that can perfectly highlight the bride's image. And all stylists without fail before developing a hairstyle will take an interest in whether it will be present. Moreover, there are many variations of wedding hairstyles with its use.

The hairstyle will depend directly on the type of veil. Therefore, there can be three options.

A single-tiered veil is a one-piece fabric made of thin fabric, decorated with decorative embroidery or printing along the edges. It gives the image laconicism, a certain modesty and sophistication. As a rule, it is fixed in the center of the hairstyle with hairpins or invisible hairpins.

A two-tiered veil will be chosen by brides whose wedding dress is very magnificent. It is usually put on in two layers and visually increases the volume of the hairstyle. Usually it is attached with additional means - hairpieces, combs, flowers, rhinestones, crystals, tiaras.

And, finally, the third type of veil is multilayer. Ideal for little brides, as it visually increases the height of the girl. It is used mainly with baroque dresses and serves to emphasize the splendor and splendor of the celebration. Attached from the top of the wedding hairstyle with the addition of beads, rhinestones and flowers.

One of the main rules when drawing up a hairstyle with a veil is its invisibility for the bride herself. That is, it should not become the element to which you need to constantly be distracted. The stylist is simply obliged to attach it to the hairstyle so that it does not weigh down the hair, does not get lost in a ball, thereby spoiling the overall impression, and does not "pull off" the bride's head.

And of course, the hairstyle together with the veil should look organic with the whole wedding dress together. Otherwise, the resulting imbalance will not create that wonderful unique flair, which is inherent only to the most refined and elegant brides.

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