❶ Rules And Technique For Applying Blush

❶ Rules And Technique For Applying Blush
❶ Rules And Technique For Applying Blush

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Rules and technique for applying blush
Rules and technique for applying blush

Blush makes it easy and simple to give a radiant and healthy appearance even to pale skin. Blush makes the face look expressive and natural, and make-up is complete. A few secrets of the correct application of blush on the face. Location: Location:

When choosing a shade of blush, you should be guided by the skin color of the face. For pale-faced girls, pale pink shades are more suitable, while tanned girls can use a pink-brown, terracotta blush. The peach shade is considered universal, as it perfectly completes the makeup of both pale and dark skin. The main thing is to apply the right amount of blush to the cheekbones.

Blushers are of the following types: powder blush, cream blush, liquid blush, foam blush. The application technique for each type is different.

Blusher powder is very convenient to use for girls with oily and problem skin. They lie flat and give the impression of a natural blush. First, apply a matte powder to the skin of the face, and already apply blush on it. Due to its dense texture, the blush-powder will hide skin imperfections: enlarged pores, blackheads. It is convenient to mix this type of blush with each other, finding the perfect shade for yourself.

Creamy blush is more suitable for dry skin. They contain additional emollient and moisturizing ingredients that fight dryness. Such blush is applied with your fingertips with light hammering movements on the skin of the face, covered with a leveling base or foundation, on which they are well fixed and stay in place throughout the day. After that, the face should be powdered, so the blush will look natural and natural.

Liquid blush (gels) do not contain oils, they dry quickly. They are not applied over powder. It is best to use this blush on clean, moisturized skin. This type of blush is not suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

Blush-foams stay on the face longer than other types. They are applied to the foundation and covered with powder on top. You should learn to apply them correctly to your cheekbones, as they dry out instantly. Better to apply a few small dots and quickly spread them over the cheekbones with your fingertips. Typically, this blush completes festive or evening makeup, and is rarely used as a daytime blush due to its complexity.

For evening make-up, blush with glitter is perfect, they will give the skin a natural light shimmer. The summer option is a bronzer blush that enhances the tan.

Blush application technique:

- First, determine the areas on the face to which you want to apply blush. Take a mirror in your hands and smile broadly, showing your teeth. Those round "apples" formed when smiling - this is the area of ​​the cheekbones, which should be blushed.

- The basic rule of applying blush - it is better to apply them less than more, otherwise you run the risk of looking like a red-cheeked nesting doll. This makeup can look comical.

- If your face is round, then apply blush from the cheekbones to the temples, if elongated - from the temples to the cheekbones.

- Match the blush shade with the lipstick color for a complete look. Pink lipstick is matched with pale pink blush, apricot or coral lipstick shades will complement peach blush, red and scarlet lipsticks are matched with pink and red blush, brown lipstick is emphasized by bronze shades of blush.

- It is convenient to apply dry blush with a wide brush made of natural hair, liquid blush is applied using the fingertips.

With the help of blush, you can not only emphasize the cheekbones, but also correct the oval of the face, visually correct the shape of the nose. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and look for the best makeup option for yourself.

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