❶ Charcot Shower: Indications And Contraindications

❶ Charcot Shower: Indications And Contraindications
❶ Charcot Shower: Indications And Contraindications

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Charcot's shower: indications and contraindications
Charcot's shower: indications and contraindications

Charcot's shower is a health-improving hydrotherapeutic procedure, which consists in alternating the action of hot and cold water jets on the skin. Despite its sufficient prevalence among other jet procedures in beauty salons, there are indications and contraindications for the use of such a shower. Location: Location:

The procedure consists of two phases, each of which takes no more than 15 minutes in duration. The specialized Charcot spray jet is directed horizontally under high pressure. The essence of such an effect of the first phase of the procedure consists in massaging body parts with heated water up to 40 ° C, as a result of which blood circulation is improved due to the expansion of all blood vessels. The second phase begins with a decrease in the temperature of the outgoing jet to 200C.

Thus, a contrast shower contributes to an increase in the body's resistance to diseases by improving immunity, gives vigor and energy. As already mentioned, such a seemingly innocent procedure has a number of contraindications, which indicates the mandatory examination by medical specialists.

A physiotherapist can prescribe this type of water treatment for people with nervous diseases, for example, psychosis, depressive conditions. In addition, Charcot's hydrotherapy is extremely useful in violation of metabolic processes and associated processes of obesity in various stages, as well as in violation of the musculoskeletal system, lymph circulation.

Charcot's shower is highly not recommended for people with any skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, etc.), since contact with water under increasing pressure can significantly worsen the condition of the skin.

For women at any stage of pregnancy, Charcot jet shower sessions are strictly prohibited in order to avoid damage to the fetus. The same contraindication exists for people suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, and venous pathologies.

Take a Charcot shower under supervision and only after a doctor's recommendation. Even absolutely healthy people can notice bruises on their bodies after intensive showers, however, nothing can spoil the impression of hydromassage pleasure.

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