Rules For Applying Evening Makeup

Rules For Applying Evening Makeup
Rules For Applying Evening Makeup

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Rules for applying evening makeup
Rules for applying evening makeup

Every woman has her own makeup secrets, but they all have to obey the general rules. Evening make-up is a special make-up. His task is to emphasize the sophistication of a woman, her brightness and elegance. In any situation, regardless of the status of the evening celebration, a woman should be good in everything. Location: Location:

The specificity of evening make-up is the presence of bright and rich tones, which should give expressiveness to the face in artificial light or semi-darkness.

Makeup foundation

Any makeup starts with a foundation. For evening make-up, it is preferable to choose a foundation. It will hide imperfections in the skin and give your make-up stability. It is important to choose a shade. Light purple will mask a yellowish complexion, and a greenish one will help hide redness. If the evening is dominated by bright electric light, then you should choose a tone darker than the skin color, but if you have an evening by candlelight, the tone should be chosen lighter than the skin tone. The foundation should be applied and shaded with a damp sponge: on the face - from top to bottom, on the forehead - from the center to the temples.


Powder helps to remove oily shine and fix foundation. For evening makeup, use a loose powder with a golden hue. It is better that it be lighter than the base. It has a fine texture and will leave your skin feeling silky. The powder is applied in a thin layer in a small amount.


Initially, it is necessary to emphasize the line of the eyebrows - this will add sophistication. For this, shadows or a pencil are suitable. When choosing eye shadow, you need to focus on hair color. What is the color of the hair, this shade of shadows and should be adhered to. Shimmering or pearlescent shadows look especially beautiful. When making up, the base will be a light shade of shadows. Light shadows lighten the part of the eyelid surface under the eyebrow. When approaching the inner corner of the eye, shadows of a more intense dark color are applied. Borders are neatly shaded. Using liquid eyeliner will give your makeup a more elegant look.


At the final stage of eye makeup, mascara is applied. The main task is to make eyelashes fluffy, thick and long. The main secret to achieving all these qualities is to pre-powder your eyelashes.


Whatever celebration is coming in the evening, this time of day still presupposes some intimacy, so the lips should have a seductive effect. Lipstick of bright juicy colors, for example, a red or pink shade, is quite suitable, but if you plan to focus the attention of others on your eyes in makeup, then lipstick should be chosen in a pastel shade with a delicate shine. To keep the lipstick as long as possible, you should apply loose powder on your lips.


Blush is always applied last. They are a kind of finishing touch. Blush for evening make-up is chosen in more saturated colors, they are applied with a brush gradually (this is the only way they will form a thin layer). To make your face look fresh, dark pink paints are suitable. To add harmony to the makeup, the shade of blush is selected based on the hair color. For example, any shades are suitable for blondes, but for a woman with red hair, too dark and bright tones will give a defiant look. For brunettes, makeup artists recommend using warm colors such as peach or beige.

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