❶ Thai Massage: Instructions For Use

❶ Thai Massage: Instructions For Use
❶ Thai Massage: Instructions For Use

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Thai massage: instructions for use
Thai massage: instructions for use

Thai massage is a method of stimulating the entire musculature of the body through harmonization and competent distribution of energies. Sessions of Thai massage contribute to the healing of the whole body, normalization of the functioning of organs and their systems. Location: Location: The ancient art of Thai massage is considered a healing complex, which includes the study of biologically active points, yoga elements and the activation of the body's energy potentials. It does not look like the usual types of massage - a person does not undress, lies on a regular mattress, the masseur does not use oil.

The basic principles of Thai massage are divided into 4 categories:

- In accordance with the patterns of energy circulation, massage should begin with working out the muscles of the limbs and gradually move towards the body. From the body, you should again return to the arms and legs. This route correctly distributes the load on the blood vessels and promotes the outflow of lymph.

- The direction of any movement should be the same - from the legs to the head.

- The massage session begins with preparatory techniques, then the muscles are worked out along the energy channels, and the elements from the yoga practice complete the procedure.

- During the session, it is necessary to work out all parts of the body, while the actions performed on the left side of the body should be duplicated on the right.

The technique of performing massage according to the Thai system is based on kneading movements, while the main techniques are stretching, twisting and pressure. The masseur works not only with his hands, he works the muscles with elbows, forearms, heels, and feet. Therefore, it is more convenient to perform movements when the patient is dressed - the hands do not slip, but clearly perform the necessary techniques throughout the body (from the toes to the crown of the head). The duration of the session (on average two hours) allows you to work out the entire body, restore plasticity to the muscles, and calm the nervous system.

The value of Thai massage is that it not only affects the physical form of a person - the technique returns the joy of life, helps to find harmony and peace of mind. Dysfunctions of internal organs disappear, weight is normalized, stress is relieved, and skin elasticity increases. The tonic sensations from the session appear two hours after the completion of the procedure - before that, the person experiences incredible peace and relaxation.

Thai massage is contraindicated in the presence of oncological diseases, acute infectious diseases, blood clotting disorders.

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