❶ How To Do Long-lasting Makeup

❶ How To Do Long-lasting Makeup
❶ How To Do Long-lasting Makeup

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How to do long-lasting makeup
How to do long-lasting makeup

On an important day for you, everything should be perfect - your face, hair, and clothes. Having done long-lasting makeup, you do not have to worry that you will be let down by smudged lipstick or flowing mascara at the most inopportune moment. Location: Location: Long-lasting makeup is performed using special products. Foundation, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, pencils, powder that you use to create your everyday makeup will not work for you. There are cosmetics with an improved formula that stay on the skin longer.

Cleanse your skin before applying makeup. Apply the tonic to her with a cotton swab, then daytime treatments to the face and around the eyes. To help absorb the cream, gently hammer it in with your fingertips. Swipe the mattifying tissue over your face to remove excess daytime treatment and prepare your skin for further treatments.

Choose a silicone makeup base for long-lasting makeup. It not only smoothes the skin and makes the pores less visible, but also helps the decorative products last longer. Apply the base in a thin layer, squeezing pea-sized portions out of the tube.

Apply corrective under the eyes and pat lightly with your fingertips. The corrector can be used on problem areas of the face to mask slight redness or spider veins. After the corrector, move on to the foundation. When choosing it, give preference to a persistent cream. In small portions, in a thin layer, spread the tone from the middle of the face to the edges. Pay special attention to feathering the outline. There should be no clear boundary between the face and neck, otherwise a mask effect is created.

When the foundation is absorbed, secure it with loose powder. It should be transparent to make the tone look more natural. Apply powder with a puff or a large brush made from natural materials.

Add a persistent blush to the cheekbones and chin. If you have a round face, apply the blush exactly to the middle of your cheeks. This will visually correct the shape of the face. Move on to eye makeup. Use baked eyeshadow, they last longer. Eyeliner and mascara can be waterproof. Just take care of what you will shoot them with. In addition to special products for removing waterproof makeup, you can use regular baby oil. It easily removes mascara and does not irritate delicate eye skin.

For the lips, use a waterproof underwater pencil and long-lasting lipstick. First draw a path and then fill it with color. Long-lasting lipstick can dry out your lips, so be sure to test it before buying.

Long-lasting makeup will give you confidence, because it does not need to be corrected, and it will stay with you from morning to evening.

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