❶ How To Highlight

❶ How To Highlight
❶ How To Highlight

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How to highlight
How to highlight

Highlighting is one of the types of hair toning, in which the hair is lightened or colored with light paint in separate strands. This gives the hair a splendor, creating the effect of sun glare. Highlighting can be done in several ways, depending on the length and structure of the hair, as well as the imagination of the master. Location: Location: Short hair and hair up to 15 cm highlighted using a special rubber cap with staggered holes. For slight discoloration, use every third hole, for medium - every second. All holes of the cap are used for intense highlighting or toning.

For long hair, dyeing with a thin foil is more suitable, in which the dyed strands are laid.

There is also highlighting in a circle, along the contour of the face and curly. For a home procedure, you will need a professional highlighting product, a brush, gloves, a ceramic bowl, a hairbrush, a plastic wrap, two mirrors and an assistant. It is very convenient if you can buy a set that has everything you need for this procedure, and the highlighting agent in it is much less aggressive than a professional one.

Before the procedure, you should not wash your hair, this will save their structure from unnecessary destruction. Highlighting is done only on healthy hair and healthy scalp (no wounds, acne, scratches). It is not recommended to bleach hair earlier than 7 days after dyeing it. It is not recommended to dye your hair during pregnancy, menstruation, illness.

Highlighting with a hat

Dissolve the colorant in a ceramic cup according to the instructions on the package. Comb your hair well. Place the cap tightly over your head. Using the thin end of a comb or regular crochet hook, pull strands of hair through the holes. It will not be convenient for you to pull the strands on the back of your head and behind, let your assistant do it. Apply the highlighting agent with a brush to extended strands and wait for the time specified according to the instructions. Then rinse your hair with warm water, remove the cap and wash your hair with shampoo, and finally apply a balm.

Highlighting with foil

Prepare bleach and strips of foil 7-10 cm wide, twice the length of your hair. Divide the curls into several sections. Secure them with hairpins. Separate a thin strand from one part of the hair, place the expanded foil under it with the narrow side, apply the highlighting agent on the strand, fold the strip of foil in half, cover with the other half and bend the side edges, secure the structure with a hair clip. Do the same with the other strands. After a certain time indicated on the package, remove the foil and rinse the strands with warm water, then wash all your hair using shampoo and conditioner.

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