❶ How To Apply Makeup Base

❶ How To Apply Makeup Base
❶ How To Apply Makeup Base

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How to apply makeup base
How to apply makeup base

The application of the base helps to smooth the skin, hide minor irregularities and imperfections and prepare the face for the main makeup. If you want to divert attention from skin problems, to make the make-up flawless, then you will have to apply a makeup base. Location: Location:

As a base for makeup, a tonal agent, a primer, masking compositions can act. The correct choice of shade of the base determines how evenly and smoothly the blush will form, whether loose powder will be invisible.

Prepare your skin - cleanse and moisturize. The moisturizer should be light and non-greasy and apply in a thin layer. Blot your face with a paper towel to remove excess cream.

The main rule for applying a base is uniformity. It seems to many women that there is nothing wrong with applying the foundation with your hands - it's faster and more convenient. From this method of applying makeup, you can get streaks from unpainted or too thickly smeared areas. Only the base applied with a cosmetic sponge will lie flat and will not contrast with the natural complexion of the face and neck, but will be invisible and transparent.

Choose sponges made from natural latex - its small pores allow you to make your makeup natural. The sponge must be clean. Apply a piece of sponge to the foundation, take a little and squeeze the edges of the sponge, as if distributing the product inside. Press the sponge against the skin in gentle, dotted strokes without stretching the skin or rubbing in the foundation.

Apply the makeup base from the forehead to the chin. Make sure that there are no clear marks and boundaries between clean skin and the treated face. If you still had to apply the product with your hands, then take a little foundation in your palm and apply it on your face with small dots. If necessary, apply the foundation in several thin layers - this makeup looks more natural than a foundation applied in one thick layer.

When masking under the eyes, use a small brush - apply the corrector in light strokes. Blot the concealer with a tissue, as excess cream can clog into wrinkles, making them visible.

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