❶ Current Trends In Makeup

❶ Current Trends In Makeup
❶ Current Trends In Makeup

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Modern makeup trends
Modern makeup trends

- Sweetheart, where did our savings go? - I spent them in a beauty salon on makeup. -So you can't see anything - as if you weren't wearing makeup! - And now it's so fashionable! Let them think that I am beautiful by nature. Location: Location:

The new season always brings us many surprises. What fashionable makeup will be especially relevant this fall? It seems that natural makeup will always be in fashion, suits absolutely all women and gives romance and lightness to your image.

Fashionable makeup 2011 is natural and expressive eyebrows. As for naturalness, it seems that it will never go out of fashion trends, because it suits absolutely any woman. Makes her image more romantic and light.

The main task of such a make-up is to make it as invisible as possible. That is, you need to be able to emphasize all your natural advantages so that the makeup is not striking and looks like the absence of it.

Therefore, the fall 2011 fashion makeup will look only with the use of neutral pearlescent eyeshadows, a little use of pink shades of blush, neutral lip gloss or lipstick to match the lip color.

And the squeak of the autumn season is the expressive eyebrows, which so harmoniously fit into the natural image of their owner. It is dark eyebrows that can draw attention to the eyes and make your face more interesting.

The palette can be used in autumn: brown, gold and orange. In the evening, you can use the same shades, only deeper and more saturated. Lips can be tinted with peach or pink.

If you are a lover of more intense makeup, then new fashion trends in oriental style are suitable for you. This is the wide gaze of the almond eyes. Here you can not do without eyeliner and abundant application of mascara on the eyelashes.

With such eyes, lips of scarlet and plum-burgundy shades and the color of wine will look relevant this fall. But here, too, we should not forget about moderation, because the main decoration this fall is the eyes, to which all eyes should be riveted.

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