❶ All The Myths About Liposuction

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❶ All The Myths About Liposuction
❶ All The Myths About Liposuction

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All the myths about liposuction
All the myths about liposuction

Over the years, the human body undergoes changes, wears out and ages. For many women, age-related body changes are a real disaster. None of us would like to see a reflection of old age in the mirror, let alone feel all the "delights" of the fading of a once young and fit body. Even vigorous fitness activities and grueling diets do not save us from fatty deposits and sagging skin. Location: Location:

Most of the fair sex are increasingly thinking about a surgical procedure for removing excess fat - liposuction. However, everyone doubts the correctness and safety of the choice of this operation. In order not to be disappointed with the result and not to regret after the operation, get rid of several popular myths about liposuction. This is the only way you can make the right and irrevocable decision.

Myth 1. Liposuction promotes weight loss

With the help of liposuction, it is possible to get rid of fat in the thighs, buttocks, forearms and abdomen, but this operation does not affect the process of losing weight. However, if you stick to a proper diet and moderate exercise, only in this case it can be said that liposuction has helped you a little closer to the desired result. Not all women lose weight equally easily. Most need to work hard to throw off "ballast" weighing several kilograms. It is in this case that experts in the field of plastic surgery recommend liposuction, only as an auxiliary weight loss procedure. No more.

Myth 2. Liposuction can easily get rid of cellulite

Fat and cellulite are completely different things. Cellulite appears due to the uneven absorption of substances and water by fat cells. The result is the thickening of adipose tissue and the heterogeneity of their structure form the "orange peel" effect. Liposuction can worsen cellulite, so you should opt for mesotherapy sessions instead. It easily and safely removes the causes of bumpy skin and sheds excess fat more and more each time. Cosmetologists, among other "advantages" of mesotherapy, distinguish:

1. Dissolution of excess subcutaneous fat deposits.

2. Removing fat from fat cells

3. Improves blood flow in a specific area of ​​the body.

4. Accelerates the processes of lymphatic drainage.

5. Removes hardened fibrous connective tissue.

6. It is purely non-invasive.

7. Mesotherapy does not require long-term rehabilitation.

8. Used on areas affected by the "orange peel"

Myth 3. Liposuction will relieve you of saggy and flabby skin

This operation is aimed solely at removing fat from problem areas. She will not be able to get rid of excess skin left after liposuction. If your goal is a flat stomach, do a circular lift. Liposuction will not give you a relief press with "cubes", but it will help smooth problem areas of the skin and give them a sharper outline.

Myth 4. After liposuction, adipose tissue is not restored

This is the most harmful, misleading and common misconception about liposuction. Women begin to think that after the operation they can safely give up physical activity and diet, since most of the fat has been removed, and extra pounds are not threatened. Be aware that during the liposuction, the doctor will not remove all the fat cells. If, after liposuction, the patient begins to gain weight intensively, all these "excess" will begin to accumulate in the untreated areas.

Myth 5. Liposuction will solve all your psychological problems

Doctors confirm that after liposuction, patients experience positive psychological changes, for example, an increase in self-esteem. However, for more serious psychological disorders, liposuction is unlikely to cure. If you have bulimia or anorexia (an eating disorder) and think liposuction will help you get rid of this ailment, think a few times. Liposuction, combined with an eating disorder, is sometimes disastrous and irreversible. People prone to depression quite often believe that a change in appearance should have a positive effect on their psychological state. In this case, liposuction will only bring temporary relief, not eliminating the cause of the problem in any way. If you have symptoms of depression or an eating disorder,seek help not from a plastic surgeon, but from a qualified psychotherapist or psychologist.

Myth 6. The result of the operation is immediately noticeable

Do not be surprised if the next morning after liposuction, you find that your body volumes have become even larger. Get ready for the fact that within a few days, and maybe weeks, the body will be swollen. This is due to water retention in the body. The result of liposuction is noticeable only after two to three weeks, and not a few days after the operation. Therefore, please be patient and do not believe what incompetent acquaintances say.

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