❶ Dangerous Hair Dye

❶ Dangerous Hair Dye
❶ Dangerous Hair Dye

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Dangerous hair dye
Dangerous hair dye

Modern women are already accustomed to the ability to change their image quickly and easily. Hair dye is one of the main tools that can help radically change your look. A couple of hours - and you turned into a red-haired beauty or a bright, captivating blonde. Location: Location:

Of course, there are failures - not the color that was expected, or hair damage due to inept use. However, these are not the biggest annoyances that hair dye can cause. A professional hairdresser will deal with this problem.

Allergies can be much more severe. Allergic reactions to some paint components are becoming more common, some researchers argue that this type of allergy accounts for a third of all allergies in the world.

The main signs of allergic dermatitis are as follows: burning, irritation of the scalp, sometimes already in the process of staining. There may be a pronounced redness of the head. It often goes away after a couple of days. But with subsequent staining, upon contact with an allergen, itching and burning will return again, and in this case they can spread not only to the staining area, but also further to the face, neck, arms, chest. Sometimes lymph bubbles even appear on the skin, as if with burns, the lymph nodes swell.

The main ingredient that causes hair dye allergy is paraphenylenediamine (PPD). It is its action that allows you to achieve the effect of long-lasting staining, which is advertised by paint manufacturers. Plant-based paints, where this drug is absent, are rare, more expensive, and do not give a long-lasting effect.

The greatest risk of getting an allergy to this component awaits women who use dark-colored paints, because it is in them that there is more of it - up to 6% of the permitted percent. In paints for blondes, it is three times less.

Researchers claim that about 5% of hair dyes cause allergies. In addition to allergies, hair dyes can cause more dangerous diseases. For example, research by scientists suggests that women who dye their hair more than 9 times a year have a 60% higher risk of developing chronic leukemia.

Hair dye makers say they test before they release the dye, but individual reactions to chemicals vary. Keep this in mind when planning to change your natural hair color.

And for any unpleasant symptoms, see your doctor.

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