❶ Well-groomed Woman - Fashionable Woman

❶ Well-groomed Woman - Fashionable Woman
❶ Well-groomed Woman - Fashionable Woman

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Well-groomed woman - fashionable woman
Well-groomed woman - fashionable woman

The "well-groomed woman" trend is always relevant. At the mention of this phrase, the image of a sophisticated lady, graceful and stylish, neatly combed and with a manicure, who knows her own worth and knows how to be irresistible at any time of the day, rises before my eyes. And yet, a beautiful and well-groomed woman is not the same thing. Location: Location: Beauty is given to the weaker sex from birth. You can also become beautiful with the help of some modern cosmetic and surgical procedures. But in order to rightfully be considered a well-groomed woman, you will have to work hard and take care of yourself every day. By the way, it is given to be born or not every beauty, but any woman can be a well-groomed lady.


Hair that can arouse admiration (or envy) is, first of all, clean hair. If you have problems with hair health, start your makeover by visiting a narrow specialist. Salon cosmetic procedures can also temporarily eliminate hair imperfections.


A well-groomed woman monitors every centimeter of her body, so in her image you are unlikely to find such flaws as chapped lips, flaky nose, rough heels, dry skin of the hands. Pure velvety leather is a real decoration. It may be time to visit a beautician to find the right quality skin care products. The daily complex of procedures should consist of cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition.


Hands are able to give away not only the woman's age, but also her place of work. Therefore, hands should be taken care of with special diligence. Purchase rubber gloves for doing household chores so that the skin on your hands does not rough or flake from contact with household chemicals. Moisturize and nourish your hands as you would your face.

Do not neglect the manicure procedure. A well-groomed woman will not allow herself to go out with burrs on her fingers and uneven edges of her nails, as well as with peeling varnish.


It doesn't matter if you dress in fashion boutiques or a modest discount center. The main thing is that your things are clean, tidy, ironed and, of course, they must be tastefully selected. A true lady clearly knows what items of her wardrobe will suit her face, emphasize her dignity, add charm to her.

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