❶ Problem: Oily Hair

❶ Problem: Oily Hair
❶ Problem: Oily Hair

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Problem: oily hair
Problem: oily hair

Oily hair is a problem for its owner at any time of the year - both in winter and in summer, it will have a greasy look and get dirty quickly if you do not use special products. But the inscription "for oily hair" is not enough to be sure of the effectiveness of the shampoo or hair mask. Location: Location:

When purchasing a shampoo for oily hair, study the composition indicated on its label. It must include mineral and herbal supplements that reduce the formation of sebum, including by narrowing the ducts of the sebaceous glands. Such substances include sulfur, extracts of nettle, cocoa beans, chamomile, sage, birch, coltsfoot, and horsetail.

It's not bad if the shampoo contains tannins that are in the bark of willow and oak. For oily hair, antimicrobial agents are added to the care products to help normalize oil secretions and non-sticky hair. There are no nutritional and fatty additives in such shampoos as unnecessary.

An ideal mask for oily hair must contain fir oil, herbal extracts of mountain ash, garlic, mint or dandelion. They also add honey or kefir to them. These masks are not intended to nourish and moisturize the scalp, but to absorb excess sebum. Special dry masks for oily hair, which are applied to them immediately before shampooing, cope well with this task.

You can make your hair drier by using coloring and toning. If you are happy with your natural hair color, try dyeing it with colorless henna. It will not harm the structure of the hair and dry it slightly. The same can be achieved by making a perm or carving.

Take care when caring for oily hair so that the natural balance of sebum secretion can be restored between treatments. Styling and hair care products should not be used too often - this can stimulate sebum production. Do not use products containing silicone, as this will coat your hair with a waxy film.

If problems with oily hair continue, consult a trichologist, he will prescribe a course of treatment for you and help you eliminate the cause of increased sebum secretion, choose the right care for your skin and hair.

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