❶ Types Of Hair Removal At Home And In Salons

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❶ Types Of Hair Removal At Home And In Salons
❶ Types Of Hair Removal At Home And In Salons

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Types of hair removal at home and in salons
Types of hair removal at home and in salons

Natural beauty is good, but to look perfect, you also need to monitor the smoothness of the body. After all, whatever, for example, slender legs, the hairs on them cannot be called aesthetic. Hair removal comes to the rescue - home and salon. Location: Location: At home, you can get rid of excess hair by two methods: depilation and epilation. Some people confuse these names, but removes hair, destroying the hair follicle, only epilation, and when depilation leaves the roots.

Types of hair removal at home

At home, it is quite possible to get rid of unnecessary hair and make the skin smooth, although not as high quality as it will be in salons.


This is one of the oldest methods of hair removal, but more or less effective, because smooth skin will delight at least a week. For sugaring (sugar hair removal), you will need a special mass of sugar. You can buy it in the store or cook it at home. The ready-made mixture for shugaring is much better, because it removes hair qualitatively, does not stick to your hands and is easy to work with. In addition, the kit also includes a variety of skin care products and hair removal tools.


To remove hair in this way, wax is heated and applied to the area of ​​the body. Quickly cover with a cloth until the wax hardens, and then with a sharp movement pull it against the growth of hair. On small areas of the body, for example, above the upper lip, you can use ready-made wax strips, which are slightly warmed in the hands and pressed against the skin.

Hair Removal with an Epilator

You can remove hair with an electric epilator. There are various models on the market, even ones that can be operated in water. Hair removal with an electric epilator is convenient, but not very pleasant, although over time the skin gets used to such effects.

Hair removal with tweezers or floss

Hair removal with tweezers is one of the common home hair removal methods. Naturally, on a large area, like legs or arms, it is not effective to use plucking, but for eyebrows or antennae it is quite possible. The same can be said about the thread, it is convenient for it to remove long hairs above the upper lip and adjust the eyebrow line, but with some experience.

Types of salon hair removal

In the salon, hair on the body and face will be removed much better than it will be possible to do it yourself. There you can choose all the same shugaring and waxing, but by the hands of the master, the procedure will be carried out much more professionally.

The salons also offer:

• Electric hair removal - electric hair removal. In this case, a thin needle is placed directly next to the follicle and destroyed by current. The procedure is very painful.

• Laser hair removal - hair removal with a laser beam. There are disadvantages - the laser beam does not recognize light hair, as well as gray hair.

• Photoepilation - hair removal with a series of bright flashes. This destroys melanin (pigment), gradually the hair follicle dies and the hair falls out. Several treatments are required.

• Elos-epilation is a combined technique, something between electro- and photo-epilation. It removes hair very effectively.

• Ultrasonic epilation - hair removal with ultrasound, under the action of which a special gel penetrates deep into the hair follicle and destroys it

• Enzymatic epilation - hair removal using enzymes, penetration into the hair follicle which occurs under the influence of infrared light. Reviews of enzyme hair removal are mostly positive.

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