Types Of Peels And Their Advantages And Disadvantages

Types Of Peels And Their Advantages And Disadvantages
Types Of Peels And Their Advantages And Disadvantages

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Types of peels and their advantages and disadvantages
Types of peels and their advantages and disadvantages

The media is full of advertisements and videos promising striking rejuvenating and aesthetic benefits from various beauty treatments. Among these procedures, peeling and all its varieties hold the honorable first place. Can peels be considered a panacea for all skin problems? Location: Location:

Before contacting a beautician, be sure to find out as much as possible about his qualifications and the status of the clinic in which he practices. In the end, we are talking about the face - the only part of the body that is on public display. Therefore, it is better to refuse a specialist who assures that he is one hundred percent sure of the positive effect of the method, than then look for ways to get rid of the undesirable consequences of unprofessional peeling.

Dermabrasion (mechanical deep peeling) - helps to get rid of scars, evens out skin relief, smoothes wrinkles. The procedure takes up to 1.5 hours, depending on the severity of the case, and is performed under local or general anesthesia. After the procedure, a crust forms on the skin, which gradually disappears, revealing lighter skin than in untreated areas (no later than 3 months). The effect of the procedure lasts for a long time. Prolonged exposure to the sun and going to the bathhouse are strictly contraindicated. This can cause the formation of keloids, allergies, and exacerbation of herpes. The positive results of this type of peeling largely depend on the level of professional skill of the beautician.

With microdermabrasion (medium mechanical peeling), the skin layer is removed by more gentle methods, therefore this type of peeling is often used to cleanse the skin and maintain its tone. But, unfortunately, the effect of this procedure is less powerful, therefore microdermabrasion is usually carried out in courses.

In the dermaplaning process, the surface layers of the skin are removed using a dermatome, a mechanism somewhat reminiscent of an electric razor. This type of peel is mainly used to remove acne scars. The procedure is also performed under local or general anesthesia. The consequences (both positive and negative) are the same as after dermabrasion.

Beauty salons usually use ultrasonic peels (superficial) to cleanse the facial skin. The effect is insignificant, although in combination with masks and creams, the skin can be given a fresher look. The main advantage of this procedure is painlessness.

With any chemical peel (deep, medium or superficial), there are many contraindications and side effects. Acids, even in small concentrations, acting on the skin, practically kill once and for all its ability to pigmentation (especially with deep chemical peeling). However, for those who want to get rid of age spots or freckles, this method will help first of all. Meanwhile, during and after the procedure, unforeseen allergic reactions, heart attacks and kidney failure may develop. Skin healing after chemical peeling takes a long time, up to six months. During the recovery period, it is necessary to be monitored by a doctor.

Despite the fact that laser peeling is also performed under local or general anesthesia, the sensation of burning, tingling and itching after it is much less pronounced than after other types of deep skin cleansing. Today, this is perhaps the safest type of peeling (especially with the use of an erbium laser), although long-term ultraviolet irradiation is also not recommended after it. The term of rehabilitation after laser peeling is no more than one month.

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