❶ Top 5 Major Hairstyle Mistakes

❶ Top 5 Major Hairstyle Mistakes
❶ Top 5 Major Hairstyle Mistakes

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Top 5 major hairstyle mistakes
Top 5 major hairstyle mistakes

Poorly chosen hair color, overgrown roots or ridiculous accessories - all this does not make a woman's hairstyle attractive. In order for your hair to be admired, it is necessary to carefully look after it and avoid the most common mistakes. Location: Location:

There are 5 main mistakes in styling and cutting hair, allowing them to ruin the hairstyle and, as a result, the mood for an indefinite time.

The first mistake. "Hair" is not the first freshness.

It just shouldn't be. Hair must be washed every day. Especially if you have to go out. Thoroughly washed hair is not only a good tone. After washing, the strands become silky and glowing.

The second mistake. Regrown roots of dyed hair.

Anyone who dyes their hair should remember that the roots must be dyed even when they appear only 5 mm. The underside of the hair, contrasting in color with the rest, gives the entire hairstyle a messy look.

Error three. Wearing crocodile hairpins in public.

Stylists are unanimous in the opinion: "Accessories of this type are permissible only in order to temporarily fix the hair during home or garden work." If there is a need to fix the hair, going "into the light", there are a lot of "allowed" means. These are automatic hairpins, hair hoops or decorative hairpins. The main requirement is that they should all be made of fabric, fur, leather or metal. It is worth recalling that such accessories should be combined in style with the outfit.

The fourth mistake. Using hair dye in bright colors.

Striving for elegance, a woman should forget about such tones on her head as carrot-red, blue-black or purple. Unnatural hair color makes a woman look like a mannequin.

These shades of hair highlight skin imperfections. Therefore, dyeing hair in such colors is rather unwise.

The coloration close to natural should not be uniform. After all, hair, by nature, has color nuances. When choosing a hair tone, one should consider eye color and skin tone.

Mistake five. Haircuts with a shaved head.

These hairstyles are only acceptable for men. Professional hairdressers believe that this hairstyle is unfeminine and unaesthetic. Even if the haircut opens the back of your head, you should not shave it. It is necessary to leave small strands on it.

Observing these simple rules, a woman can be sure that her hairstyle will cause admiration.

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