❶ Natural Makeup "nude Look": Rules And Tips

❶ Natural Makeup "nude Look": Rules And Tips
❶ Natural Makeup "nude Look": Rules And Tips

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How to properly apply natural makeup "nude look"
How to properly apply natural makeup "nude look"

As loved by women and men as "smoky eyes" and bright red lips, there is nothing more stylish and never out of fashion natural makeup. The so-called "Nude Look" makeup. It is named so for a reason, since its main task is to create the impression of a complete absence of cosmetics on the face. Location: Location:

Makeup "nude look" will look appropriate in any situation and with any style of clothing. The skill of applying makeup in a natural style is indispensable if you need to follow the dress code, because it suits perfectly for a business style of clothing.

Perfect skin is the basis of "nude look" make-up. Therefore, it is necessary to stock up on high-quality and ideally suited tonal means. There should be no redness on the face, no imperfections, because it is the beautiful radiant skin that will attract the eye, and it will not be possible to distract from minor imperfections with noticeable shadows or bright lipstick.

Before you start applying makeup, be sure to do your usual facial treatments - wash with a cleansing gel, wipe your face with toner and apply a moisturizer. Next, you need to apply a makeup base - this way the foundation will last longer and better, and if the base has a matting effect, it will also help to avoid unwanted skin shine during the day. After applying the base, blend the foundation well on the face. Make sure the shade of the foundation matches your skin well. It can be a tone lighter than its natural shade, or as close as possible. If the foundation is darker than your skin, it will be noticeable and the makeup will not look very appropriate and neat. Make sure that the skin color of the face after applying makeup does not differ from the skin color on the exposed areas of the body,as it doesn't make a very good impression.

After thoroughly blending the foundation on the face, treat the areas of the face that are "in the shade" with a corrector one tone lighter than the main foundation: the wings of the nose, the area around the eyes. This will leave your skin looking even more radiant, healthy and natural. After that, you can fix the makeup with your favorite powder of the same shade as the foundation, or colorless. This will allow your makeup to last all day and look fresh even in the evening after a busy day.

Also, don't forget about blush. They will help the complexion acquire a healthier and more natural complexion. The most important thing is to choose the right shade that will be almost invisible on the face. You should apply blush to those areas of the face where it occurs naturally. Or you can correct any features of the structure of the face, for example, to emphasize the cheekbones.

Face makeup is ready. Now you should see a girl with perfect skin condition in the mirror. If this happened, then the work with the skin makeup was successful.

Next, you should emphasize the eyes and lips. Eye makeup requires a minimum of action. Highlight your lashes with mascara, but avoid using black mascara. Go for brown or dark gray, this will make your lashes look beautiful, but not too dramatic. The shade of the shadows should also be neutral, almost invisible. You can completely abandon the use of shadows.

Lipstick or lip gloss should also be subtle, as close as possible to the natural shade of your lips. You can use a transparent lip gloss.

That's all! Natural makeup in the "nude look" style is ready. If you see a girl in the mirror with perfect skin condition and practically no makeup, then everything is done correctly.

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