How To Dye Your Eyebrows

How To Dye Your Eyebrows
How To Dye Your Eyebrows

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How to dye your eyebrows
How to dye your eyebrows

Usually, when making up, women pay special attention to their eyes and lips, skin condition, but completely forget about eyebrows. Meanwhile, according to experienced makeup artists, correctly and beautifully designed eyebrows make up almost half of the makeup success. However, if they are incorrectly painted, the harmony of the face may be disturbed, so you need to know which color and shape of the eyebrows will suit you. Location: Location: The eyebrows should be of medium thickness, thick and resemble a “comma” in shape: be wide closer to the bridge of the nose and taper towards the temples. Moreover, they should not grow together on the bridge of the nose.

Many women use black pencil to tint their eyebrows, thinking it is right. But, according to stylists, it is necessary to take into account the natural color of the eyebrows themselves, as well as the color of the hair and skin. You also need to remember the following rule: eyebrows should be slightly darker than hair color.

For example, for fair-skinned blondes, a light brown is best. For hot brunettes and women with dark skin, black is ideal. For brown hair, gray or brown is suitable. For red-haired women, chestnut or taupe is recommended. If your hair is gray, you can tint it with a gray pencil.

For eyebrow coloring, you can purchase a special cosmetic paint. For thin eyebrows, it is better to draw small strokes with a contour pencil that imitate hairs. The strokes should go in the direction of hair growth. Blend the resulting result a little so that there are no too clear lines and the eyebrows look natural.

To keep the hairs neat, sharpen the pencil well. You can also first retouch the eyebrows with eye shadow, comb the hairs with a special eyebrow brush, and only then proceed to tint them.

Thick eyebrows can be tinted with eye shadow. For this, shadows that are as solid as possible in texture are suitable. Loose eyeshadow can peel off and ruin your entire makeup. Brush your brows with a brush, apply some hair gel and smooth them before applying them. The eyeshadow should be applied with light, small strokes using a hard brush.

Eyebrow makeup looks very stylish and can add a touch of flavor to your face.

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