❶ Putting Together A Makeup Bag: The Best Makeup Brushes

❶ Putting Together A Makeup Bag: The Best Makeup Brushes
❶ Putting Together A Makeup Bag: The Best Makeup Brushes

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Putting together a makeup bag: the best makeup brushes
Putting together a makeup bag: the best makeup brushes

Makeup brushes allow you to gently apply foundation, powder, blush or eyeshadow to your face. They are also indispensable for delicate work - for example, drawing the contour of the lips or applying liquid eyeliner. Take the time to find the perfect accessories - and they will last you more than one season. Location: Location: Professional makeup artists advise not to purchase ready-made brush sets, but to collect your own collection. After all, if you, for example, do not use foundation, you are unlikely to need a special brush to apply it. But lovers of complex eye makeup are unlikely to be able to limit themselves to one accessory - most likely, they will need 4-5 different brushes for eyeshadow, eyeliner and shading.

When choosing brushes, be sure to try them on the inside of your wrist. Don't buy models with too coarse hair. But overly soft brushes won't work either. The best choice is an accessory with a dense, elastic bristle, trimmed evenly and without protruding hairs. Pull on the pile - it should be secured tightly. Good brushes are neatly assembled, the labels on the pens are

glued evenly.

If you use foundation, look for flat, rounded synthetic brushes. For accessories that come into contact with liquid and creamy products, synthetic fibers are preferred. Smooth and smooth hairs do not absorb the cream, completely "giving" it to the skin. These brushes are easy to clean, durable and durable.

The size of the tone brush depends on your preference. Some people like small models, others prefer wider options. Double-sided brushes are very convenient - one end is for applying tone, and the other is for spot applying corrector and masking problem areas. It is convenient to make up the wings of the nose, the area around the eyes and lips with a small, dense brush.

Be sure to get a large powder brush. It can be wide and flat, with a short or long handle. Some people prefer massive round kabuki brushes - they are convenient for applying not only powdered, but also pressed powder. A flat fan-shaped brush is useful for brushing off excess powder from the face and polishing the leather. These accessories are made from both synthetic and natural fibers. If you prefer natural, choose models from a goat or pony - they are elastic and hygroscopic.

A small thick brush with a rounded edge is useful for eyelid makeup - it is convenient to apply shadows with it. You can blend them with a long-handled latex applicator or a small soft brush. For trendy arrows, get a hard synthetic beveled brush or a thin curved handle used by professional makeup artists. It is convenient to tint not only eyelids with a beveled brush, but also eyebrows.

Once you've assembled your own set of brushes, buy a practical case in faux leather or durable fabric. The size of the case depends on the size of your collection. Choose a model with a convenient lock and numerous brush compartments - it is possible that your collection will be replenished in the future.

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