❶ How To Get Black Hair Color

❶ How To Get Black Hair Color
❶ How To Get Black Hair Color

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How to get black hair color
How to get black hair color

One of the most common ways to dye your hair black is using basma. This is a natural dye that not only does not damage the hair, but also nourishes, restores its structure, and gives it shine. Location: Location: Basma penetrates hair very slowly and, if used incorrectly, can give the hair a greenish color. This is especially true for those women in whose hair the first "silvery" strands have already appeared. That is why basma powder must be mixed with henna - this is the only way you can avoid undesirable consequences.

To dye your hair, you will need henna, basma, a paint brush, a comb, and a disposable cellophane cap. Remember that basma stains your clothes a lot, so put on some old and unnecessary clothes. The same goes for the towel - it must be old, since it is almost impossible to remove stains.

In a porcelain and glass container, mix basma and henna powder in a ratio of 1:10. You can also add a pinch of common table salt - this will make the color more intense and natural. Now dilute the mixture with warm water until it looks like thick yogurt or a paste.

The mixture should only be applied to dry hair. Apply the dye with a special paintbrush to distribute it evenly. For every eight centimeters of your hair, apply about 100 grams of dye. During the procedure, be sure to use gloves, as the stains on your hands will remain for a long time. Remember that basma absorbs very quickly into the scalp, so be very careful when applying the dye. After application, take a brush or comb and comb your hair thoroughly. Tie them up with an elastic band and put on a hat. Remember to keep basma on your hair for at least an hour.

Rinse hair thoroughly with plenty of running water. Do not use shampoo, as you can simply wash off the paint.

Remember that the dye is completely absorbed into the hair only after three days. Therefore, if your hair suddenly acquired a greenish tint, do not worry, it will pass over time.

Change the bedding to an older one, as in the first days after dyeing, the fabric can get very dirty during sleep.

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