❶ 25 Frame Slimming Effect

❶ 25 Frame Slimming Effect
❶ 25 Frame Slimming Effect

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Slimming 25 frame effect
Slimming 25 frame effect

The "25 frame effect" is one of the mysteries of our time. What is it? An ingenious tool for working with the subconscious or a huge rally of an overly gullible public. Is it possible, as the new fashion claims, to lose weight using the 25th frame program? Location: Location:

The idea of ​​losing weight is an obsession with today's person. Everyone wants to have a slim figure: both young and old. But we would have, as always, in order to suffer less and get better results. And if you don't need to suffer at all? It's just a dream! It turns out that you can just look at the monitor for half an hour a day and lose weight.

For the first time, the topic of programming consciousness was touched upon back in the 50s in the States. One active person decided to insert some phrases into films in the cinema for hundredths of a second. The viewer did not have time to record this information, but it was deposited in his brain. Sales of popcorn and soda were rumored to have skyrocketed. True, in fact, when checked by a group of scientists, this trick turned out to be absolutely ineffective.

Twenty years later, the first rumors about the 25 frame theory appeared. Its essence is that a person perfectly perceives visual information presented to him at a speed of 24 frames per second. But if you attach the 25th frame there, the viewer will not be able to perceive it, but his subconscious mind will postpone this information.

Our days. The theory of the twenty-25th frame is still valid and exciting. The theory still has no scientific confirmation, but has that ever stopped an enterprising person? Will the thirsty one doubt at the sight of a freebie?

Slimming programs based on the 25 frame effect are actively sold and downloaded on the Internet. This program is a wonderful thing. You look a couple of times a day at the flickering of information and you lose disgusting kilograms. Isn't it wonderful? Well, only the eyes get a little tired when watching, but it doesn't matter.

The main question remains: "To download or not to download?" Unfortunately, the question will remain unanswered. There are countless debates on the forums about the effectiveness of the program. People were divided into admirers of the 25th frame, who felt how great it was, and those who were maliciously deceived by another setup. The latter, having tried the programming of consciousness on themselves, remained dissatisfied. "Did not help! Cheating !!!"

If you still want to experience happiness with the program of the 25th frame for weight loss, then think for a second that this may not only be useless, but even dangerous. Human subconsciousness is a dark forest full of mysteries and wonders. How not to break the wood.

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