❶ Moles And Nevi: Removal Methods

❶ Moles And Nevi: Removal Methods
❶ Moles And Nevi: Removal Methods

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Moles and nevi: removal methods
Moles and nevi: removal methods

Moles (nevi) - refer to benign skin formations, their appearance is associated with a violation of the metabolism and synthesis of melanin. The following factors can provoke the degeneration of moles into malignant forms: passion for tanning in the sun and in a solarium, various injuries and damage to moles, frequent massage courses, hormone treatment. Location: Location:

It is necessary to urgently consult a doctor if you notice that the number of moles on the skin has sharply increased; they began to grow rapidly in size; the color and shape of the mole has changed; bleeding and soreness appeared, as well as peeling, hair loss from the mole and other pathological symptoms. A dermatologist or oncologist will determine the type of each mole and choose the most optimal method for removing it.

Methods for removing moles include the following: cryodestruction with liquid nitrogen, electrocoagulation method (using high frequency current), surgical excision method, radio wave coagulation method, and others.

The electrocoagulation method allows you to send the material for histological examination. With this method of removing moles, very small and neat scars remain. But electrocoagulation causes a large thermal damage to the tissue around the removed area.

In modern dermatology, a radio knife is used, which is considered the safest way to remove moles. It does not cause thermal burns to surrounding tissues and is especially effective in removing bulging, protruding neoplasms.

The most common way to remove moles is by surgical excision. In accordance with oncological standards, this method removes a skin area with a nevus at least 3-5 cm in size.It is difficult to apply a surgical method when placing moles on the face, since the removed field in this case is minimal in size.

The cryodestruction method is based on the use of liquid nitrogen. Cold has a negative effect on the body, since its spread in the skin and tissues is not controlled and it is impossible to accurately determine the area of ​​nitrogen exposure.

The most modern and safest method is laser removal of moles. During the procedure, the laser beam removes the birthmark in layers, a slight depression remains at the removal site, which gradually levels out over 10-14 days. With this method, any blood loss is excluded, since the laser has the ability to thrombose the smallest capillaries.

The main advantages of laser removal of moles are the following: the procedure is painless; no scars or scars remain on the skin; healthy tissue is not damaged; high accuracy of the operation (the depth of exposure is controlled, the required beam diameter is set); laser surgery lasts no more than 5 minutes; the recovery period does not exceed 10-14 days. In modern dermatology, the laser is the only method for removing moles without a trace. With his help, effective treatment of benign tumors (warts, papillomas, and others) is carried out.

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