How To Choose An Eyeliner

How To Choose An Eyeliner
How To Choose An Eyeliner

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How to choose an eyeliner
How to choose an eyeliner

To give the look a dramatic look, and make-up - durability and beauty, you need to be able to choose the right eyeliner. Choosing the right eyeliner is not always an easy task, as you need to consider not only your eye color, but also your hair color and skin tone. Location: Location:

A basic rule of thumb when choosing an eyeliner is to choose a color that matches your eye color and skin tone.

For owners of dark skin, dark hair and eyes, pencils in black, purple, plum or olive are perfect. Pale-skinned women with dark hair and eyes should choose pencils in dark brown shades. Red-haired ladies with pale skin are advised to give preference to pencils with shades of red. It is better not to use black color. And for blondes with fair skin, it is better to choose pencils in light gray and brown shades, and generally refuse black.

When choosing an eyeliner, you need to pay attention to the following points:

- a high-quality eyeliner should be made of wood, not pressed sawdust;

- the cap of the pencil should be well fixed;

- the applicator must be well fixed;

- for a plastic pencil, the body must be durable;

- eyeliner lead should not have plaque, inclusions, crystals, etc.;

- the pencil lead should not be too soft or too hard.

Each specialty cosmetic store has testers that you can use for its intended purpose - test eyeliner and make sure that the chosen shade matches your eye color.

Remember to pay attention to its quality when choosing an eyeliner.

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