❶ Choosing Tattoos: Relief, Pseudo-tattoos, Biotattoos

❶ Choosing Tattoos: Relief, Pseudo-tattoos, Biotattoos
❶ Choosing Tattoos: Relief, Pseudo-tattoos, Biotattoos

Video: ❶ Choosing Tattoos: Relief, Pseudo-tattoos, Biotattoos

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Choosing tattoos: relief, pseudo-tattoos, biotattoos
Choosing tattoos: relief, pseudo-tattoos, biotattoos

Tattoos take one of the first places among the means of body decoration. The choice of tattoo depends on the desired effect. For those who want to have tattoos for permanent wear, there are classic application techniques. Fans of temporary tattooing are better off choosing pseudo or biotattoos. Location: Location:

When choosing a tattoo, it is important to know how one or another type of drawing is done on the body. Different tattoos involve different technologies. To understand what awaits during and after tattooing, it is better to get in the know in advance.

Embossed tattoos have been around since the early days. Body decoration of this type was welcomed by some tribes in Africa and America. Those who did the relief tattoo were the highest on the hierarchical ladder. Most likely, these were the leaders and their entourage. Since only people with a strong spirit and very patient can do such manipulations with their own bodies.

The embossed drawing did not become immediately. In order for the tattoo to become embossed, the puncture zones were etched and a long healing was required. After that, the pattern protruded several mm above the skin level.

Currently, a relief tattoo is regarded as a substandard work of the master. Sometimes inaccuracies in the work of a tattoo artist lead to inflammation and unwanted bumpiness.

Pseudo-touting is nothing more than a temporary drawing on the skin made with dyes or special stage makeup.

To obtain such a pattern, a pattern is applied to the skin and then colored. Shading is a path and hatch. For shading, a special pen is used that feeds paint to the turbo needle at the end. This procedure does not cause pain.

In the case of a pseudo-tattoo, paint is not injected under the skin. All manipulations are carried out directly on the surface.

The use of stage make-up is on the border with tattooing and body art. Using brushes, the artist applies the image to the body of the model.

Biotattoos have become very popular. They wear the prefix bio, since a plant component is used to obtain them - henna.

Mixed with eucalyptus oil and applied to the skin, henna leaves a mark that is washed off only after 7-9 days.

Body painting with henna came to Europe from India. Before marriage, Indian women paint their palms with henna. Such decoration is called mehendi or mehndi.

The pattern applied to the leather symbolizes prosperity, prosperity and wealth. A woman on her palms brings all this into her husband's house.

Modern women of fashion have extended painting from the palms to the rest of the body.

In addition to beauty and exoticism, henna drawing is good for the skin. Eucalyptus oil in combination with henna has a beneficial effect on the skin, making them smooth and accelerating cell regeneration.

Applying biotat to the skin is not only painless, but also pleasant. In addition, eucalyptus extract vapors perform simultaneous aromatherapy.

Naturally, it is better for allergy sufferers to consult a doctor first.

Tattooing is a responsible business. Therefore, it is best to contact a licensed salon. There they will not only give the necessary advice, but also perform all the manipulations with high-quality sterile instruments.

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