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❶ Slimming Cosmetics
❶ Slimming Cosmetics

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Slimming cosmetics
Slimming cosmetics

With the arrival of summer, every woman strives to look slimmer. Among the many means to combat cellulite, it is so difficult to choose exactly what will become effective and efficient. The main thing to remember is not to forget to combine anti-cellulite products with proper nutrition, anti-cellulite massage and exercise. Most of the cosmetics available in stores contain caffeine, algae, L-carnitine, adrenalysis, or plant extracts. Location: Location: Seaweed

The healing properties of seaweed have a positive effect on the skin, regulate metabolic processes, and are also able to actively fight toxins and toxins, which are a common cause of cellulite.

Guam cosmetics contain deep-sea algae, which help redistribute excess fluid, break down fats and regulate metabolism. Among all the variety of Guam cosmetics, the cream for the waist and abdomen is focused on those areas where cellulite is especially noticeable. Anti-cellulite night cream fights not only cellulite, but also puffiness.

Klapp cosmetics contain algae and sea mud in their composition, which in many ways contribute to the burning of fat. Among the products of this company, various masks and serums stand out. These products break down fat, increase blood circulation and firm up the skin.

LUSERO anti-cellulite plaster based on kelp helps to reduce fat deposits and regulate cell metabolism. The components of this patch are able to penetrate deeply into the skin and act on fat deposits for 24 hours.

Another good remedy based on sargassum algae is SOFT anti-cellulite soap. Its regular use while taking a hot bath restores the function of the lymphatic vessels and reduces fat deposits.


Caffeine is found in various anti-cellulite masks and wraps, gels and creams. It enhances metabolic processes, removes water from the body and regenerates the skin.

Bottega Verde body gel contains not only caffeine, but also almonds, jojoba oil and ruscus. The combination of these components destroys cellulite, and the skin becomes elastic and soft.

Montagne Jeunesse products are able to detoxify, tighten, moisturize and nourish skin.

Plant extracts

Plant extracts in anti-cellulite products can act as a main or additional component. Among herbal extracts, green tea, horse chestnut, ginkgo biloba, ivy and others are most often found in creams. Chestnut helps to strengthen the walls of veins and regenerate the skin, and ivy removes fluid from the body.

Bottega Verde gel, containing both ivy and horse chestnut, softens and strengthens the skin, gives it elasticity and energy.


Adrenalysis is an active ingredient in Vichy cosmetics. It helps to stimulate metabolic processes and remove decay products from the body. Adrenalysis not only prevents the appearance of fat, but also reduces the fat layer.


The amino acid L-carnitine contained in creams burns fat where it was applied. L-carnitine is found in Turboslim cream manufactured by Evalar. Its combination with ginkgo biloba and ficus extract eliminates swelling, makes the skin more elastic and burns subcutaneous fat.

Skin preparation

Cellulite treatments are best started with peels, lotions and scrubs to remove dead cells and allow oxygen to enter the skin. Only after that, the use of anti-cellulite products will give the greatest result.

Remember, the effect of anti-cellulite products will be effective only in combination with proper nutrition, massage and gymnastics.

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