❶ Makeup From Megan Fox

❶ Makeup From Megan Fox
❶ Makeup From Megan Fox

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Makeup from Megan Fox
Makeup from Megan Fox

Megan Fox is an aspiring Hollywood actress, but she has already captivated viewers with her bright charm. Megan's "calling card" face is her sensual lips and sexy look. Of course, this is not only the dignity of the star's appearance itself, but also the ability to choose the right makeup. The uniqueness of Megan Fox's make-up, first of all, is that it looks very expressive on the face and at the same time natural. Learning to make a face "like Megan" is possible for any woman - it is only important to find the time for this and make very little effort. Location: Location:

Makeup base.

After preparing your face for artistic experiments, apply foundation. You need to choose it a little lighter than your skin really is. The foundation is evenly applied to the face, which is then lightly powdered with a large brush. A shimmery concealer is applied to the upper eyelids to fade veins and make the look lighter.

Blush can be applied from light pink, subtle, to brown. It all depends on how intense in shade depth the rest of the makeup is.

Expressive eyes.

The base of the eyelid is a pale beige, almost flesh-colored shadow that should be applied to the upper eyelids right up to the brows. The next layer is golden shadows with a slightly orange tint. Caution: the shadows should be barely visible. Eyebrows are painted with brown shadows or pencil. The upper eyelid is outlined with a silver, gray or bluish contour pencil and repeated along the same border with a brush with gray shadows. The lower eyelid is also drawn. Dark gray shadows are applied to the outer corner of the eyelid, light brown shadows are applied to the rest of the upper eyelids.

The eyelashes curl slightly and are thickly painted with black ink, making sure that the eyelashes do not stick together and that there are no sloppy lumps left on them. To create the effect of Meghan's fluffy eyelashes, you can pamper yourself with false eyelashes, but again, everything in moderation. The main thing is that the eyes do not look vulgar and "plastered".

Seductive lips.

Lips are outlined along the contour with a dark pink pencil, and the border is a little further than it is in reality. Sponges are painted with light pink lipstick, on top of which pink lip gloss is carefully applied. Lipstick can be in darker shades. Scarlet is best used as an addition to evening makeup. For everyday life, pale shades are suitable, slightly emphasizing the natural color of your lips.

The final touch: feminine curls.

If your hair looks unkempt, even the most professional makeup can be useless. Megan Fox pays a lot of attention to the beauty of her hair. Basically, the actress chooses hair flowing over her shoulders. Megan's hair is especially attracted to her shine: his secret is in a weekly mask that restores its structure. In addition, every month the Hollywood beauty nourishes her locks with a fruit complex enriched with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for hair health. This is where the deep and vibrant color of Fox curls and shimmer that is hard to look away from comes from!

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