Correcting Eyebrows

Correcting Eyebrows
Correcting Eyebrows

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Correcting eyebrows
Correcting eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows are not always a natural gift. Light correction can make your face more harmonious and attractive. Location: Location:

Don't underestimate the role of eyebrows in creating an attractive look. Beautiful eyebrows can open and highlight your eyes, correct the oval of the face, visually enlarge the forehead and reduce the nose. You will be amazed at the result, even if your face is far from the canons of the golden ratio.

The classic shape of the eyebrow is a thin, smooth arc that starts above the inner corner and ends behind its outer corner. But eyebrows can be fused on the bridge of the nose, straight, with a break, round, short, wide or colorless. Do not strive for perfection, sometimes you just need to emphasize the natural shape that suits your particular face type.

Look in the mirror. How do you rate your face? Round or oval, wide or narrow?

Now draw an imaginary vertical line from the edge of the nostril up to the eyebrow. At this point, the head should begin - the base of the eyebrow, its thickened part. The next line, from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye, will mark where the brow should be pumped by the tail. A line drawn from the nose through the outer edge of the iris will indicate the highest point of the brow. This form will not optically suppress the look, make it gloomy, harsh or sad.

However, this eyebrow shape is not suitable for every face. Soft, rounded faces with full lips are more suitable for the same soft, without kinks, eyebrows. A triangular face can be visually rounded by adjusting the eyebrows from the outside. With a heavy chin, eyebrow correction is carried out in the nose bridge area.

If you have decided on the shape of the eyebrows, then you can start the correction. You will need an area with good lighting, a mirror, and tweezers. It is better to take a magnifying mirror in order to see the whole field well. The tweezers should be clean, flat, free of nicks, and grasp individual hairs easily and firmly. You will also need an eyebrow comb or brush, small nail scissors, and skin disinfecting lotion.

Brush your brows as your hair grows. Draw the lower contour of the eyebrow with a pencil. Lubricate the skin under the eyebrow with moisturizer so that the tweezers glide better. With the fingers of your left hand, slightly stretch the skin and pluck the hairs with tweezers strictly in the direction of hair growth.

Grab individual hairs close to the base. Pluck, starting from the inner edge and working towards the outer corner, being careful not to go beyond the drawn outline. Do not grab a few hairs - you can create a bald spot that will take a long time to mask with a pencil. Remove hairs in rows starting from the eyelid and working upward. It is better not to touch the upper border of the eyebrow, the higher the eyebrow line, the larger the eyes appear. It is better to remove individual hairs on the upper border at the end of the correction, when you can appreciate your image as a whole.

If the result suits you, repeat the same with the second eyebrow. Comb vertically with the brush. Usually, all hairs are about the same length, but with age, some of them grow to several centimeters. These individual hairs are best trimmed with scissors rather than plucking.

After completing the procedure, wipe the skin with disinfecting lotion. If the skin of the eyelids is swollen and reddened, apply a cold compress with green tea, a decoction of chamomile or cornflower.

This procedure is best done in the evening so that the redness and swelling disappear by the morning. You should not adjust your eyebrows yourself an hour before an important event.

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