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❶ Elbow Care
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Elbow care
Elbow care

The skin on the elbows is coarser and denser, the surface is more prominent, so cracks and peeling quickly appear on it. Elbows need multi-stage care, then there will be no problems with open outfits and in the summer you will not have to wear long-sleeved shirts. Location: Location:

Often, the elbows are highlighted with a dark spot - due to increased roughness, the skin color can change. Such elbows should be lightened - available bleaching products will help. Before you go to take a shower, you should prepare your elbows - rub with a slice of lemon and leave it alone for a while. Then wash off with warm water.

Best of all, the skin perceives the effect of creams, gels and lotions immediately after taking a bath or shower. The skin is steamed, the pores are open, and the nutrients can penetrate deep into the skin. On carefully wiped elbows (you need to achieve absolute dryness), apply a thick layer of nourishing cream or lubricate them with oil. Essential oils with a healing effect can restore the skin's structure and eliminate excessive dryness. If you leave a medical compress overnight with an oil or emollient ointment, the effect will be more noticeable. In the morning the compress should be removed and the skin moisturized with a good nourishing cream with a light texture.

If the elbows are hardened and darkened, then the cause of this condition may be a banal vitamin deficiency. Taking multivitamin complexes will eliminate the deficiency of nutrients, and local procedures will have a greater effect.

The elbows often suffer from constant contact with the work surface. Those who have to spend a long time in the office should take care of additional softening and protection - grab a tube of your favorite hand cream and lubricate the skin of your elbows throughout the day.

Exfoliate skin areas should be treated with scrubs or exfoliators. By removing dead scales, scrubs renew the skin and improve its structure.

Mask treatments can be used to tackle the problem of excessive dry skin on the elbows. A mixture of sour cream, salt and lemon juice should be applied to steamed and brushed elbows. Wrap the top of the hand with foil and leave the compress for half an hour. Then the elbows are washed from the mask and moisturized with cream.

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