How To Take Proper Care Of Yourself

How To Take Proper Care Of Yourself
How To Take Proper Care Of Yourself

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How to take proper care of yourself
How to take proper care of yourself

A self-respecting and loving woman strives to provide proper care for her skin, nails, hair and body, regardless of the season or age. You really want to be beautiful and fresh every day, energetic and slender, with radiant skin and shiny hair. Give yourself more time for your loved one to complete the care. Location: Location: A large number of women categorically refuse to take care of themselves, explaining this by lack of funds and time. Such ladies complain about the lack of privacy and attention from men. Meanwhile, a strong half of humanity pays special attention to the appearance of women, their aroma, beauty of hair and skin, neatness and grooming.

The simpler the body care products, the better the result. And actually, the best hair conditioner is honey, and a great skin moisturizer is plain water. Regular consumption of flaxseed oil will keep skin youthful and shine. The more natural and healthy food in your daily diet, the more you will be pleased with your own appearance.

In the morning, take a shower for a short time, for five minutes, and it is not recommended to use soap, it, like hot water, dries the skin. Cleanse your face gently, replace your morning wash with moist compresses. To do this, pour warm water into a cup and add a few drops of lavender or chamomile essential oil, if your skin is dry or normal, if your skin is oily - lemon or tea tree oil. Dampen gauze or tissue, squeeze lightly and apply on face for a few seconds. In the evening, remove makeup with milk, rinse your face and wipe your skin with a tonic with herbal extracts, but without alcohol.

Moisturize your face and body by choosing the right products for your skin type. If you have dry skin, choose products that contain sunflower or sesame oil. Women with oily skin should use oil-free creams. Every time you shower or bathe, lubricate your still wet body with lotion or cream. The skin in the eyelid area also needs careful care, it requires intense hydration and nutrition.

In order for the skin to breathe freely and absorb useful substances, it should be promptly freed from keratinized cells. Exfoliating scrubs based on apricot kernels or green papaya do an excellent job with this task. You can make your own scrub by mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with half a glass of fine sea salt, a quarter of a glass of olive oil and ten drops of ylang ylang or lavender essential oil. Apply the prepared composition to damp skin in circular light movements, leave for five minutes and rinse with warm water.

Don't forget about makeup and eyebrow shape. As hair grows out, correct it with tweezers. After plucking, soothe irritated skin with walnut extract, then use your fingertips to beat in a small amount of honey and wash off after a few minutes with water. Puffiness of the eyelids can be reduced by using brewed chamomile tea bags over the eye area for fifteen minutes.

Spend at least fifteen minutes every day for physical exercises, it will not take a lot of energy from you, but it will help you get a boost of vivacity and a lot of positive energy, as well as get rid of extra centimeters in problem areas. Start with light elements, and as your muscles get used to it, you can make it harder. Don't quit your workout, because there are no quick results. If possible, sign up for a gym or pool.

Watch your hair, periodically cut split ends, because they give your hairstyle untidiness. Take care of hair nutrition, homemade masks give an excellent effect. Take a tablespoon of burdock or castor oil, honey and fresh lemon juice, as well as one egg yolk. Mix everything thoroughly and apply the mask to the hair and scalp, put on a plastic cap and wrap with a towel. Leave the mask on for an hour and wash off with warm water and shampoo. Do not forget about scalp massage, which improves blood circulation and helps hair grow stronger.

Now we should talk about hands. Under no circumstances should you paint your nails with bright varnishes if you have no desire or time to take care of the beauty of your hands. If your hands are constantly exposed to negative effects due to your type of activity, or the varnish simply does not adhere to the nails, use transparent enamel, no defects will be visible on it. At least once a week, do a manicure and salt baths for your hands, lubricate your skin with a special nourishing cream.

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