❶ How To Keep Skin Firm

❶ How To Keep Skin Firm
❶ How To Keep Skin Firm

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How to keep skin firm
How to keep skin firm

Beauty is not only in the right facial features, bright makeup and fashionable clothes. All this is lost if a woman cannot boast of a young skin of her face and body. Maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin is possible only with proper care, good circulation and proper nutrition. Location: Location: Good blood circulation is one of the main conditions for skin beauty. The simplest means of stimulating blood circulation is a contrast shower. Thanks to this procedure, the tone of blood vessels increases, and the skin becomes elastic and fresh. In addition, after a contrast shower, a good mood and cheerfulness are provided for the whole day.

Effectively improves blood circulation and another pleasant procedure - massage. It can be done in the salon or on your own. In the shower, massage your skin with special massage brushes and apply a moisturizing body lotion. Just do not forget that you always need to move only up: from the knee to the hip, from the abdomen to the chest.

A wonderful tool for giving the body elasticity is a salt bath. It has an amazing effect on the skin, causing blood flow and accelerating metabolic processes. For a bath, dissolve 500-600 g of sea or coarse table salt in water. The duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes, after which you need to rinse yourself under a cool shower.

Nutrition is the second important factor in skin beauty and health. Include fatty marine fish, meats, whole grains, vegetables and fruits in your menu. These products contain all the proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for skin firmness.

Cosmetics that help maintain the elasticity of the skin must contain one or more active ingredients. For example, glycerin, herbal complex, collagen, caffeine, vitamins, etc. Massage the creams to increase their effectiveness by improving blood circulation.

Essential oils can greatly enhance the effects of any moisturizer. Rose oil is especially useful. Add it to cream, massage oil, bath water (dilute a few drops of rose oil in a glass of milk or cream, and then pour the mixture into the water).

From time to time it is very useful to pamper your skin with salon procedures - vacuum massage, laser or radio wave lifting, mesotherapy, etc. These procedures are aimed at rejuvenating and improving the skin, as well as restoring its elasticity.

Physical activity is another prerequisite for your beauty. Movement stimulates metabolic processes, blood circulation, improves well-being and appearance. Exercise, such as running or swimming, will eliminate excess body fat and tighten not only the skin, but also the muscles.

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