❶ Tightened Breasts: Expert Advice

❶ Tightened Breasts: Expert Advice
❶ Tightened Breasts: Expert Advice

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Tightened breasts: expert advice
Tightened breasts: expert advice

To make your breasts fit, you need to tone your muscles and skin. This can be done through exercise, massage and the use of nourishing and toning masks. The most important thing in all these actions is regularity. After all, if you take care of your breasts from time to time, the result is unlikely to please you. Location: Location: Cleanliness is the key to health. This phrase is familiar to many women. That is why it is worth taking a shower every night before bed. Elastic jets will not only relieve tension, but also have a tonic effect. And if you massage alternately with hot and cold water, the result will appear in a couple of weeks.

Apply a firming cream to your skin immediately after you shower. It is not worth buying and using the first available remedy. In order not to harm yourself, visit a dermatologist, and he will help you determine the brand. Of course, the cream should only be used by women over 30 and women who have problems with the mammary glands. Healthy young breasts do not need such radical methods. Doctors-mammologists recommend a certain diet for those who are concerned about the state of their mammary glands. A woman should drink 2-2.5 liters of clean water and at least 200 mm of fresh juice per day. You also need to eat at least 0.5 kilograms of vegetables, 300 grams of fermented milk products and 5-6 medium-sized fruits.

But nourishing and lifting masks, especially made from natural ingredients, can be used at any age. Mix equal proportions of sour cream and honey, add a little cornmeal to make the mixture more viscous. Apply the mask to the décolleté for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse with cool water.

Grate a medium-sized radish, squeeze the juice. Add one tablespoon of olive oil to it and place the mixture on the mammary glands, avoiding it on the nipples. You need to keep this mask for 10-15 minutes. If you suddenly feel uncomfortable, stop the procedure.

Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with the same amount of any vegetable oil, add the egg yolk and stir the ingredients thoroughly. Apply the mask to your chest and let it dry. As soon as you feel that the skin has begun to tighten, wash off the mask. To improve the effect, experts advise adding two or three drops of essential oils to any (even purchased) product. The oils of rose, jojoba, grape seed, fir, and cloves have a lifting effect. Cosmetologists advise against using soap, because it dries out the skin. It is better to use shower gel or cream soap to wash the breasts.

And the most important thing is regular exercise. They are the ones who are able to tighten the breasts in the shortest possible time. Every morning you need to do a small warm-up, literally for 5-7 minutes. And twice a week, you need to conduct full-fledged workouts. Of course, the emphasis should be on the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle. A good result can be obtained by working with dumbbells, push-ups, doing a bridge, performing various hand swings.

You can achieve the first results in just a couple of weeks of complex classes. But after you've tightened your muscles and improved skin tone, don't stop doing your treatments and exercise. If you are satisfied with the condition of your mammary glands, classes can be carried out less often, but it is not recommended to completely abandon them. If you stop caring for your breasts, regression may ensue.

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