❶ How To Eliminate Expression Wrinkles

❶ How To Eliminate Expression Wrinkles
❶ How To Eliminate Expression Wrinkles

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How to eliminate expression wrinkles
How to eliminate expression wrinkles

Expression wrinkles can appear even at a young age. Especially emotional girls find their first signs as early as 18-20 years old. You can eliminate them and enjoy the reflection in the mirror again in different ways, the choice of which is up to you. Location: Location: Any expression of emotion is reflected in the condition of the skin. Joy, sorrow, sadness or anger - they all leave their imprints on the face, leaving expression lines. Eliminating them completely is quite difficult, but if you start doing it early on or as a preventive measure, you have every chance of success.

Natural oils

They are an excellent means for improving the condition of the skin - they moisturize, give firmness and elasticity, and also fight expression lines. Ylang-ylang oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, rosemary oil, almond oil and some other types are most suitable for these purposes. Remember that essential oils cannot be used in their pure form. Be sure to mix one to two drops with a cosmetic (ten drops) and apply to wrinkles.

Gymnastics for the face

Exercising regularly gives excellent results. You will strengthen the muscles of your face, which will help prevent the appearance of expression lines or reduce the ones that have already formed.

To strengthen the lower eyelids, place your index fingers on the outer corners of the eyes, the middle fingers on the inner ones. Apply just a little to feel light pressure. Look up and squint your eyes as hard as you can. Relax after ten seconds, repeat at least five times.

You can smooth out the nasolabial folds using the following exercise. Open your mouth wide so that you get an elongated oval. While doing this, press your upper lip against your teeth. Use your index fingers to move along a line from the corners of the mouth to the wings of the nose. When you feel a burning sensation in the nasolabial folds, massage the same lines with pulsating movements for another ten seconds, then relax.

Strengthen your forehead muscles by placing your index fingers in the middle, parallel to your brows. Press down lightly with your fingers. Push your eyebrows up, resisting finger pressure. Continue for at least twenty seconds.

Cardinal methods of fighting expression wrinkles

They do not always lend themselves to elimination with cosmetics or gymnastics. If these methods have not worked for you, you will have to resort to serious measures. Today, getting rid of expression wrinkles is available using chemical peels or Botox. Deep peeling is able to smooth out the average depth of wrinkles, it should be done in autumn or winter (in the absence of bright sun). Deep wrinkles will have to be filled with Botox, this should be done by a professional. Botox injections are not cheap, but you will see the effect immediately after the procedure.

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