❶ The Secret Of The French Figure

❶ The Secret Of The French Figure
❶ The Secret Of The French Figure

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The secret of the French figure
The secret of the French figure

Despite the addiction to high-calorie dishes, cheese, croissants, chops and other delicacies, French women have remained the standard of harmony and sophistication for many years. How is this possible? The secret of the French figure is moderation and lack of restrictions. Location: Location: Unlike most women around the world, French women do not consider it necessary to adhere to any diet. Moreover, they believe that any dietary restrictions lead to excess weight gain. If you want chocolate - allow yourself it. The main rule is that the delicacy should be of the best quality, and you can eat it quite a bit, a few pieces. Having got used to enjoying each portion of sweet, you will not want to eat a lot of it.

A real French woman's lunch consists of no less than three courses. However, eating large portions is not accepted in France. Having tried a little from each change, the Frenchwoman will be full and will not gain extra calories. As for the products, they give preference to fresh vegetables and fruits, and have a snack - nuts.

French women do not like to control their weight with weights, believing that problems are better visible in the mirror. They are always active, mobile and in a good mood. Residents of high-rise buildings very often go home on foot, despite the presence of elevators. And French women prefer sex to gymnastics.

Another secret of the French figure is bee pollen. This dietary supplement is very popular in France. Bee pollen contains many vitamins and minerals necessary for humans, as well as biological catalysts that play a huge role in metabolic processes. Thanks to bee pollen, French women have an accelerated metabolism and a passionate temperament.

Pure water, which they drink at least 8 glasses a day, also helps to maintain a slim figure for French ladies. In addition, they prefer to take a contrast shower - it improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism and makes the skin smooth and even.

Residents of France value their individuality and strive to remake themselves for ever-changing beauty standards. If your skin is whiter, accentuate it rather than trying to change it with tanning. Stop straightening or curling your hair. By accepting who you are, you will avoid many of the stresses that are known to often lead to overeating and obesity.

The pleasure that French women get from life makes them slim and happy. They will never go in for sports if it tires them, they only eat to fill their stomachs. French ladies know how to pamper their bodies and live in harmony with themselves, which, as a result, is the main secret of the harmony of the French figure.

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