Rejuvenating Facial Massage At Home

Rejuvenating Facial Massage At Home
Rejuvenating Facial Massage At Home

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Rejuvenating facial massage at home
Rejuvenating facial massage at home

Massage is a great way to improve the circulation of the facial skin. Even if you do not have the opportunity to turn to professionals for this, you should not give up. A rejuvenating massage can be easily done at home. Location: Location: Make sure your hands are clean. Take a lying or sitting position in which you feel most comfortable. Bring your hands to your face. Feel their warmth. Breathe deeply and slowly. This will help you completely relax.

Massage your face. Start at the bridge of your nose. Then move on to the eyebrows, cheeks, nose and finish at the chin area. Perform circular motions with your fingertips.

Relax your face, open your mouth as if you are saying "O" (you can also just puff out your cheeks and stretch your lips). Place the ring and middle fingers of both hands next to the nostrils. Smooth the skin in a circular motion towards the ear.

Sit up straight, tilt your torso slightly forward, tilt your head back a little. Press your lips together tightly, place the middle and index fingers of one hand on your chin, and under it, place your ring and little fingers. Alternately with the right and left hand, make several stroking movements to the earlobe.

If you want to reduce wrinkles around the eyes, then you need to especially focus on the area of ​​the eyelids and eye sockets. To reduce dark circles around the eyes, massage the top of the nose with the index and middle fingers of both hands. Then close your eyes and gently stroke your eyelids. Do ten reps.

Massage your cheeks in a circular motion. This will improve blood flow to your face and your skin will be healthy. You will get a natural glow.

Massage your forehead horizontally and vertically. Start from the center and work towards the side areas. Finally, wash with cool water to tone your skin.

You will put in the least effort, but you will get the most pleasure. Repeat this massage daily. It will take very little time, but in the end you will be convinced that the face becomes really younger and fresher.

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