❶ How To Even Out The Tone Of The Face

❶ How To Even Out The Tone Of The Face
❶ How To Even Out The Tone Of The Face

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How to even out your face tone
How to even out your face tone

Perhaps every woman knows that the key to perfect makeup is an even face tone. Long curved eyelashes, skillfully lined eyes, lipstick that suits you extraordinarily - all this will not produce the desired effect in combination with dark circles under the eyes, uneven complexion, blackheads, inflammation and other skin imperfections. Of course, women with absolutely perfect and even skin do not exist in nature - just some skillfully hide their flaws, which can be learned if desired. Location: Location:

So, if you just apply foundation and powder to your skin, then you will not get the perfect complexion. First, you need to cleanse your skin well and exfoliate. Thus, you will rid the skin of dead cells, eliminate flaking.

After using a scrub or other exfoliator, apply a foundation or day cream to your face that can be used as a foundation for makeup (usually, this information is written on the package). It will be great if you choose a base containing SPF filters with protection level 15 and above. Thus, you will protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and preserve its youth and beauty for a long time.

Now getting the right tone of the face will not be difficult, since the main enemies - dryness, dead cells and peeling - have been successfully eliminated by us. Apply the foundation where necessary, and be sure to blend well with your fingers or a sponge. In order to get an even complexion, do not apply the product in a thick layer and carefully select its shade.

If you are worried about inflammation, redness and dark circles under the eyes, then you should not apply additional layers of foundation on these areas - this will not give the desired result. Use a creamy concealer that is applied to problem areas and gently hammered into the skin - you don't need to blend it.

Don't forget to put some foundation on your eyelids, otherwise your makeup will look patchy. After that, powder them a little and after that apply shadows - this way they will lie flat and last much longer.

If you follow all these guidelines, you will get the perfect complexion. Now it only remains to revive it a little with blush, and also fix it with powder.

That's it, now your skin will look fresh, radiant and extraordinarily attractive. Agree, the right tone of the face is ninety percent of success. Now accentuate your eyes, touch your lips with lipstick and go to new achievements.

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