❶ Powder - Types Of Concealment

❶ Powder - Types Of Concealment
❶ Powder - Types Of Concealment

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Powder: types of concealment
Powder: types of concealment

A full-fledged finished makeup cannot be imagined without the use of powder - thanks to it, you can hide the oily sheen of the skin, make it matte and velvety, give grace and softness to facial features, hide fine wrinkles and even out complexion, masking minor imperfections. A quality powder allows pores to breathe while nourishing and smoothing skin. Location: Location:

Modern powder manufacturers offer a variety of forms in which it can be used - for example, loose powder is very popular. It is applied to the face with a puff or large cosmetic brush, spreads well over the face, and is fairly easy to work with. However, when applying such a powder, you need to be especially careful to ensure that it does not crumble.

In order to be able to correct makeup throughout the day, a compact powder is very convenient, which will not crumble if you open it in a public place. This powder goes well with dry skin and should be applied with a soft puff. Also in stores you can find powder in the form of small balls - some people find it convenient, while others prefer the more familiar compact powder.

Face powder differs not only in the form of manufacture, but also in decorative properties. If you need to create an elegant evening makeup that will captivate all party guests, shimmering powder will be indispensable, which creates a mysterious silvery shimmer on your skin.

If you need to apply the powder more densely, you can use a cream powder that is applied to the face with a damp sponge. This powder is applied before leaving the house, since it is inconvenient to use it on the street due to the need for a damp sponge. If you have oily skin, this powder is convenient to use instead of foundation. Tanned skin works best with terracotta powder, which enhances the natural summer tan effect. Also, terracotta powder can successfully emphasize the sculptural forms of the face.

In addition to decorative powder, there is also concealing powder - if you have problem skin and need to mask spots, redness and pimples before applying makeup, use a special green powder, which is applied to problem areas in a small amount, and then covered with decorative powder. Antiseptic powder is suitable for sensitive skin.

When choosing a powder, it is important to pay attention to its quality. The easiest way to do this is by dropping a closed package with compact powder onto linoleum from a height of 20-25 cm. A good powder should not crumble or crack under such an effect. In shimmering powder, all glitters should be evenly dispersed over the surface of the powder, and there should be no air bubbles in the cream powder. Ball powder should have the same and even balls, on which there are no chips or defects. Always test the powder you buy on your skin type before purchasing it.

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