❶ Microdermabrasion: What Is The Benefit?

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❶ Microdermabrasion: What Is The Benefit?
❶ Microdermabrasion: What Is The Benefit?

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Microdermabrasion: what is the benefit?
Microdermabrasion: what is the benefit?

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that helps smooth out wrinkles, significantly rejuvenate the skin, eliminate hyperpigmentation and minor defects. Face resurfacing can be done in a beauty parlor or at home using special complexes offered by the world's leading cosmetic companies. Location: Location:

Indications for microdermabrasion

Facial resurfacing, or microdermabrasion, is an excellent way to get rid of not only wrinkles and small defects, but also the most comfortable and safe method to correct stretch marks, scars left after burns, postpartum and colloidal scars, as well as remove acne scars, birthmarks, restore collagen production and elastin, trigger the mechanisms of skin regeneration.

How is microdermabrasion performed in a beauty salon

Hardware microdermabrasion is a procedure that is performed using a special apparatus. Fine aluminum crystals are fed through the handpiece to help abrade the skin. Or the leather is sanded with a diamond dusting machine.

The results are visible already after the first procedure. The complexion is significantly evened out, the skin becomes more velvety and smooth. But to completely get rid of all skin imperfections and significantly rejuvenate it, it will take 6 to 20 sessions.

During hardware microdermabrasion, anesthesia is not required, since all manipulations are completely painless. The rehabilitation period is completely absent. Immediately after resurfacing, you can return to your normal lifestyle. However, do not go to the tanning salon and use alcohol solutions to cleanse the skin. If the procedure was carried out during a period of increased solar activity, it is worth using a special cream that protects the skin from UV rays.

Microdermabrasion at home

At home, microdermabrasion can be performed independently using kits developed by the world's leading cosmetic companies: RoC Renewex, Mary Kay, Oriflame, Vichi. Instructions for use are attached to each home microdermabrasion kit.

Contraindications to microdermabrasion

The main contraindications for microdermabrasion are: tuberculosis, diabetes, dermatosis, pustular skin diseases, the presence of warts, wounds, herpes, systemic and oncological diseases.

Reviews about microdermabrasion

Clients who underwent a course of hardware dermabrasion noted a significant leveling of the skin of the face, a rejuvenating effect. In addition, many were able to get rid of even deep scars and scars, stretch marks, wrinkles.

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