❶ How To Build Nails At Home

❶ How To Build Nails At Home
❶ How To Build Nails At Home

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How to build nails at home
How to build nails at home

Nail extension is becoming more and more popular among cosmetic procedures. To do this, it is not at all necessary to go to the salon, you can build up your nails at home. It is only important to know how to do it correctly. Location: Location:

The idea that it is impossible to build up nails on their own is expressed by cosmetologists. Their motivation is clear - if all the ladies stop visiting salons, they will be left without a livelihood. In fact, building a house is a reality, you just need to take into account some features.

You can not build nails if a woman is pregnant or undergoing a course of hormonal and antibiotic drugs. In addition, nails should not be extended during menstruation - they will immediately begin to flake off. And of course, it is not recommended to build nails for ladies who have problems with the heart and blood vessels.

Extended nails have many advantages over natural ones. In particular, various defects are immediately hidden. Artificial nails are very strong and can last for several years with careful handling.

If you decide to build up your nails at home, you need to get a special cosmetic kit. Usually it includes various gels, tips, tongs, nail files, an ultraviolet lamp and much more.

There are several technologies for nail extension. In any case, before the procedure, you must carefully polish your nails. The cuticle area deserves the most attention, as a result, the nails should turn out to be completely matte. The dust generated during grinding must be wiped off with a special brush, but not with your hands, otherwise fat can get on the nail, which can later lead to flaking.

It is best to remove various accessories (rings, bracelets, etc.) before building up, as the substances needed for building up have a negative effect on the metal.

In the event that you want to have transparent nails, you need to leave their edges free. If you plan to grow new nails on tips, then they must be cut to fit the tips. The maximum length of artificial nails should not exceed the length of the nail bed. In the event that you want to have very long nails, it is best to apply onlays.

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