❶ How To Be The Most Beautiful On The Beach

❶ How To Be The Most Beautiful On The Beach
❶ How To Be The Most Beautiful On The Beach

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How to be the most beautiful on the beach
How to be the most beautiful on the beach

Summer is a great time of the year to relax, swim and recharge. But not every woman is satisfied with her figure, so complexes and unwillingness to go to the beach arise. You can look your best if you take care of your appearance in time. Location: Location: In winter, the metabolism slows down, so by the time you can go to the beach, the figure is not always in perfect shape. Take care in advance of losing extra pounds. Eat low-calorie diets and fasting days several times a week.

Sign up for a gym, pool, fitness or exercise at home. Work your abs, do push-ups, squats, and jogging in the morning if you have time to spare. Gradually, muscle mass will begin to increase and fat mass will disappear.

Take vitamin complexes fortified with zinc, calcium and folic acid. These substances improve the condition of the skin and hair. Consult a physician first, as allergic reactions may occur. Including more fruits and fresh vegetables in your daily diet will not only help you lose weight, but also improve your body.

If you have never been to a solarium or in hot countries all winter, then in the summer you will stand out on the beach. Use a self-tanner or visit a beauty salon for a bronzed skin tone.

Tidy up areas of your body that have unwanted vegetation. You can remove hairs using a machine, depilatory cream, epilator or photoepilation. Never shave your bikini area before going to the beach - it will irritate and burn.

Do a honey massage several times a week. Take a bath, apply honey with lemon essential oil on your palm. Massage into problem areas of the body with cellulite.

Buy a new swimsuit that's hot this season. It is very important to choose those models that emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages. You don't need to wear a defiant bikini if ​​you have a small tummy. A light cape to match the swimsuit and bright slates won't hurt either. You will attract the attention of the opposite sex and make other women jealous.

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