❶ Coffee Scrubs

❶ Coffee Scrubs
❶ Coffee Scrubs

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Scrubs with coffee
Scrubs with coffee

Skin care takes a lot of time and effort, but in order to look decent, young ladies are ready to make any sacrifices. Body scrubs help to smooth the skin, make it firmer and more youthful. A scrub made from ground coffee beans is especially useful; it captivates with its naturalness. There are different ways to combine coffee to achieve the desired effect. Location: Location:

It is undesirable to use a scrub from coffee beans in the evening before bedtime, since the body absorbs caffeine through the skin, and half the night of wakefulness after that is provided.

A coffee scrub to fight cellulite is very easy. 3 tablespoons of ground coffee are poured into the mug, filled with boiling water up to a third and covered with a lid for 15 minutes. While the scrub is infused, you need to take a hot bath, the body should be steamed. Then a spoonful of honey is added to a mug of coffee and mixed, after which it is applied to the body with massaging movements. Do not press hard, as you can damage the surface of the skin. This scrub burns fats, the skin becomes firm and even.

This exfoliating and moisturizing scrub is made with ground coffee and olive oil. You don't need to brew coffee in advance. About 50 g of coffee is mixed with three tablespoons of oil and applied to steamed skin with gentle movements. It deeply cleanses the skin, improves blood circulation and stimulates cell regeneration. After taking a shower, an additional nourishing lotion is applied to the body.

You can make a long-lasting fragrant scrub, refrigerate it, and use it as needed. A glass of sea salt is mixed with half a glass of ground coffee and chopped dry orange peels. The scrub is applied only to the soapy body and rubbed with a washcloth. It has tonic and refreshing properties.

For those who do not want to waste their time preparing a scrub, there is a simplified option. A few tablespoons of coffee are poured into a regular shower gel and used while taking a bath or shower. The gel is preferable to take with a weak aroma. Thus, the gel can gradually remove dead cells, slightly tone the skin and massage.

You need to use scrubs no more than once every 5-7 days, as the skin renews.

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