❶ How To Paint Beautiful Eyelashes

❶ How To Paint Beautiful Eyelashes
❶ How To Paint Beautiful Eyelashes

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How to paint beautifully eyelashes
How to paint beautifully eyelashes

It has long been known that, first of all, men's attention is attracted by women's beautiful eyes. To have a captivating and expressive look, you need to do your eye makeup correctly. This is especially true of eyelashes, because well-colored eyelashes give the look of mystery and beauty. Location: Location: To make up your lashes beautifully, you need to take care of their extra volume and length. First, apply a little powder to your eyelashes, it will help make them more voluminous. After, start dyeing the eyelashes from their roots, moving the mascara brush from left to right, if it's the right eye, and vice versa - if it's the left. As soon as the first layer of mascara is applied, let them dry a little.

Then, brush up and down. The cilia need to be painted over to the very tips, so close your eyes and walk along their entire length. So, you will remove the remaining lumps and paint over each lash.

Learn to use special eyelash combs, without them, coloring the eyelashes will not be perfect. After applying mascara, comb your eyelashes thoroughly and only then apply a second layer of mascara. Thanks to the combs, the eyelashes will be well separated and colored.

Do not neglect the use of colored mascara, because not only black mascara can make eyelashes chic and expressive. Experiment, apply mascara similar in tone to the color of the eyebrows and hair. For everyday makeup, blondes can use brown or gray mascara. Black ink is recommended for evening events. Blue mascara favorably sets off blue eyes, emerald green, and purple decorates brown eyes.

Learn the zigzag technique to color your eyelashes beautifully. Performing zigzag movements back and forth, you can make up the eyelashes well along the entire length.

The length of the eyelashes is also important for beautiful eye makeup, therefore it is recommended to apply mascara on the eyelashes with a brush in an upright position. Then, bring the brush to the ends of the cilia, and do a few blinking movements. This way, you will only paint over the upper part of the lashes, adding length to them.

To add beauty to your eyes, you can also curl your eyelashes. By using a dedicated eyelash curler, you can make them look more curved. But it is worth remembering that girls with large or bulging eyes should not curl their eyelashes.

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