❶ Versace - The Epitome Of True Elegance

❶ Versace - The Epitome Of True Elegance
❶ Versace - The Epitome Of True Elegance

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Versace - the epitome of true elegance
Versace - the epitome of true elegance

The legendary Versace brand was created by the talented designer Gianni Versace. Italian by birth, he was born in 1946. Young Gianni received his first sewing skills from his mother, a fashion designer, and, perhaps, it was thanks to her influence that Versace became such a versatile talent. At the age of 25, the young designer creates his first collection for famous Houses, and by 1978 he opens his own company. In the same year, the first women's collection was released under his name. By 1982, Gianni Versace has become one of the most award-winning designers in the world. Versace is more than a brand. This is a lifestyle, this is an image that speaks for itself. This is the personification of excellent taste and high quality. Millions of people around the world strive to acquire the brand's products. Discreet and austere, fashionable and playful,The elegant and provocative character of the brand is embodied not only in luxurious clothes and stylish accessories, but in the original, memorable perfumery, which the women's magazine JustLady will tell about today. Location: Location:

Versace Perfumes first appeared in 1981 with the release of the same name Versace fragrance. The novelty from the fashion house immediately found a response - only Versace could create a traditional and non-standard fragrance at the same time. This classic floral perfume was filled with some incredible charm and beauty. Time has no power over beauty - and today, after almost thirty years, this feminine scent is very relevant. Versace perfumery created new and interesting images, interpreted the canons of beauty in different ways. Emphasized strict or romantic, feminine or sporty, perfumes from the brand have become incredibly popular.

Italian emotionality and temperament clearly manifested itself in the brand's perfume line. The carefully crafted, complete perfume compositions are considered some of the finest in the world. It is not for nothing that versace perfumery has won the sincere love of women and men all over the world. Versace regularly launches new fragrance lines for her and for him. This brand is famous for being able to give some kind of extraordinary charm to ordinary things. Versace is everywhere - you can choose from a scent for daily use, a strong scent for a business meeting, a full-bodied scent for a launch, or a frivolous and playful party scent. Versace is an eye-catcher in any setting.

The Versace line of perfumes includes fragrances for all tastes. From the whole collection of perfume, you can choose exactly the very perfumes that will organically complement the image. And it is this variety that has made the brand's perfumes so popular. Today, the Versace perfume brand is no worse than a luxury clothing brand. It is known all over the world as an indicator of taste and style.

What is the most popular versace perfume for women ? JustLady magazine will mark several fragrances that have become legends of the perfume house.

Versus Donna - this floral-oriental scent has become a real explosion in the world of perfumery. With every year that has passed since it appeared, the popularity of the fragrance does not subside. The composition opens with a sweet cocktail of juicy fruits (plum, raspberry, orange), spicy nutmeg, violet, aldehydes and green accords. The heart is dominated by tuberose, combined with delicate lily of the valley, fragrant jasmine, rose and powdery sandalwood. The fragrance continues with woody-musky notes of amber, iris, cedar, musk, powdery vanilla and benzoin. Versus Donna is the legendary versace perfume for women.

Versus by Versace is an energetic fragrance built on contrasting notes. Romantic, feminine and daring at the same time, this fragrance shows all sides of a woman's nature. The women's magazine JustLady advises confident, strong, active women who are always moving forward, who love to overcome all obstacles on their way and achieve their goals, to try this fragrance.

Versace Woman is a perfume that goes well with the fashionable clothes of the Versace house. A seductive, elegant, feminine fragrance for modern fashionistas. They know their most attractive sides and emphasize them favorably. The exquisite floral bouquet is composed of rose, jasmine, frangipani and bergamot. Fruit cocktail consists of raspberries and plums. The central notes of the fragrance are Padparadsha lotus, blue cedar, exotic woods, amber and musk.

Crystal Noir is a versace perfume for women. appeared five years after Versace Woman. The floral-oriental scent is revealed by notes of Verchase's beloved sister Donatella - gardenia. The fragrance, as the name suggests, is housed in a beautiful black bottle topped with a large diamond-shaped cap.

versace perfume
versace perfume

Versace Red Jeans is one of the legendary denim fragrances. Bright, explosive, with overflowing energy, this fragrance is intended for young girls - romantic, emotional, living only by their own feelings. The composition of this youthful feminine fragrance reveals sweet peaches and apricots, red currants and freesia. The tender heart is filled with flowers - water lily, rose, violet and lily of the valley. The trail is created by notes of sandalwood, sensual vanilla and musk.

Versace perfume for women. they embody all that is beautiful in women: tenderness, true beauty, sensuality, romance, emotionality. The Versace brand gave women fragrances that complement and enhance the attractiveness of the fair sex, and therefore they have been and will be loved at all times!

Alisa Terentyeva

Women's magazine JustLady

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