❶ Pinch Massage For Thin Waist

❶ Pinch Massage For Thin Waist
❶ Pinch Massage For Thin Waist

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Pinch massage for thin waist
Pinch massage for thin waist

A pinch massage will help you get rid of the hated pounds and excess fat in the abdomen and waist at home. It is a wonderful tonic and improving the general condition of the skin. After about a month, you will be able to observe the effect of the massage if you follow certain rules. How is plucking massage done at home? Location: Location:

A little warning in advance: it is not enough just to massage yourself, it is necessary to simultaneously impose a restriction on flour and fatty foods. Before the massage, take measurements of the circumference of the waist and hips in order to have additional stimulus and to see the results. You can also find jeans that are difficult to fasten at the waist, and after a month try them on again.

Massage on an empty stomach while standing in front of a mirror. Take a hot bath before starting the procedure - this will warm up the deep layers of the skin, and the massage will work better. While taking a bath, knead the fat on problem areas with your palms. After the bath, dry the skin with a towel, apply a little vegetable oil or anti-cellulite gel on the waist and abdomen, let it absorb. The massage time is 15 to 30 minutes.

1 Zone. With the thumb and forefinger of both hands, grasp the abdominal skin and flex it with a pinch motion. The movements should stretch the area around the navel. The right hand moves clockwise and the left hand moves counterclockwise. You need to do about 10-15 approaches.

2 Zone. Next, go to the trajectory along the press line. Grip the skin on your sides with pinching movements and move to the center from both sides along this line. Start moving under the navel, gradually moving up to the bottom of the ribs. Then you also move back - 10-15 times.

Zone 3. Knead the side of the abdomen on both sides at the same time. With plucking movements, begin to stretch the lower waist, gradually moving up the sides, then go down. Do 20 sets.

After completing the procedure, refrain from eating for an hour.

To achieve the effect, the massage should be strong and active enough, almost on the threshold of pain, but you should not bruise yourself. Within a month, the waist can decrease by 5-6 centimeters, subject to the massage technique.

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